Managing Sports Teams and Clubs with TeamSnap

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Over the last 10 years I have signed my children up for more activities than I can count. When they were little, we joined the hoards of other suburbanites signing our kids up for soccer. When they showed no aptitude for soccer, we moved on to everything from gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do to Ultimate Frisbee and Running Club. We didn’t just sign them up for sports activities, either….oh NO! We had Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Recycling Club, Drama and a whole assortment of other extracurricular activities. Each one of their clubs and teams required me to keep track of things like location of the next match, team parties, refreshments, and who the heck do I tell if my kid is sick. That’s an awful lot to ask of mom brain some days! Thankfully, TeamSnap can help keep mom brain a little bit better organized. Managing sports teams and clubs with TeamSnap will make sure your life a whole lot easier!

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Managing Sports Teams and Clubs

Managing Sports Teams and Clubs with TeamSnap

Have you ever head out to a tennis match thinking you knew exactly where the neighborhood court was located and realized you were completely wrong? Only now you don’t have access to the team email with the actual directions in it? Ever been that mom sitting in the parking lot with your child wondering where the rest of the team is only to find out that practice was cancelled? Or, heaven forbid….you show up at practice without the refreshments that you signed up to bring that day? Managing sports teams and clubs with TeamSnap makes sure none of these things happen to YOU!

Team Snap Sports Team Management

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TeamSnap offers teams and clubs an easy way to stay connected without relying on email. They are the number one online sports team management application for coaches and managers to save time organizing their teams and clubs. To cover all the capabilities of TeamSnap for managing sports teams and clubs would be way too in depth for one post but here are a few key features that they offer:

TeamSnap Signup for managing sports teams and clubs

  • Schedule organization:  List all games, events, meetings, etc that team members need to know about
  • Calendar Syncing:  Sync your TeamSnap calendar with your iOS calendar for better organization.
  • Create Rosters for each team. Add not only players but parents, coaches, assistants, and managers so everyone knows what is going on.
  • Member Availability:  Keep track of which participants are available for any given event
  • Messaging:  Make sure messages are sent to everyone who needs them (and not the people who don’t need to know!)
  • Photo Sharing:  Share photos of events in a safe and secure location without concerns about privacy
  • Team Statistics:  Keep track of how your team is doing throughout the whole season
  • Payments:  Make sure you know who has paid and who still owes money to cover team expenses
  • Refreshments:  Assign refreshments to team members so there is no wondering who has to bring snacks each week.
  • Mobile app:  Make sure your team stays connected, even when they are on the road or away from home
  • Team Home page:  TeamSnap has a well organized home page that makes navigating the site incredibly easy.

TeamSnap sports management app

Most parents nowadays are very concerned with their children’s online safety and TeamSnap is a very secure place to keep your child’s sports team information. All your team data is 100% private and password-protected. No one will access your team’s information without permission from the team manager. TeamSnap meets industry safety standards not only for logins and roster additions but also for all credit card transactions that occur through the site. Make sure you choose a safe and secure password and you can rest assured that your team website is secure.

TeamSnap Setup for Managing Sports Teams
One thing I absolutely love about TeamSnap is the photo sharing. With every mom and dad having their own camera at an event, you KNOW that one of them got just the perfect shot of your child. While, YOUR photos came out blurry and unusable! Sharing photos between parents is a great way to ensure that everyone gets a few great shots of their child in action. I am not known for remembering my camera for every event so I really appreciate the parents who capture amazing shots of all the kids!

Managing Sports Teams and Clubs

TeamSnap isn’t just for scheduling games. Sometimes your sports team or club has an event that isn’t at it’s usual location. Maybe you need to remind your team members to wear dressy clothes or to bring something with them when they arrive. Or, you may need to include directions or a URL to a website they need to check out before leaving home. Make sure everyone know what is going on for your team event right within the TeamSnap homepage. Just schedule a new event to get started.

TeamSnap Event Creation


TeamSnap makes managing sports teams and clubs significantly easier than just relying on email lists and texts. Whether you are a parent, coach or member you will appreciate how easy TeamSnap is to use and set up, especially with fall sports starting soon! There are both free AND paid versions of TeamSnap, depending on what features you need.

Do you have any tips for managing sports teams and clubs this fall?


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  1. Oh yes this is RIGHT up my alley. I love a team thing like this where you know you’re going to get awesome pics even if yours fail!

  2. My son just did little league baseball in the spring for the first time and we used TeamSnap. It was SO helpful for keeping the team on track and on schedule. Really helpful app for sure!

  3. Downloaded this last year, as instructed by my daughters basket ball coach, now we use it for soccer as well. Seriously, didn’t know it had so many features.


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