The Many Uses of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System! #sponsored

I received the Ninja Mega Kitchen System to review at no charge but all opinions expressed here are my own.

Back in June I attended BlogHer Food in Austin, Texas and had the chance to connect with Ninja Kitchen.  Being a serious foodie I was excited to learn more about their line of kitchen products and to see how they could be integrated into my own kitchen.  I was particularly interested in the Ninja Mega Kitchen System and when I was given the opportunity to review it I was beyond excited!  What is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System?  Consider it a cross between a blender and a food processor and then put a seriously powerful motor in it.  This one unit comes with numerous attachments and accessories to help you blend,  juice, mix and process just about every type of food you can imagine.  Over the past few weeks I have put the Ninja Mega Kitchen System through a series of tests in my own kitchen and it has passed every single one of them with flying colors.  So, what kind of things can you do with this all purpose machine?  Here are just a few suggestions that I have tested out so far:

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Teach Your Kids to Make a Healthy Breakfast

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with two individual serving size smoothie jars.  My daughter is 11 and completely obsessed with smoothies.  This is awesome because we put tons of healthy stuff in them but sometimes she wants a smoothie and no one else really does.  The single sized smoothie jar is easy to use and lets her make her own breakfast or snack without dirtying a huge blender container.  She put in the yogurt, fruit, juice and a few extras like chia seeds and flax seed oil.  Screw on the lid that contains the blade and invert onto the base of the Ninja.  One or two seconds later (seriously!  This thing is FAST!) and she has her own little personal smoothie.  We even tried it using frozen peaches and it was powerful enough to blend them instantly.  The blade comes off and the convenient drinking lid goes on and voila!  Healthy breakfast!  If you want to make smoothies in larger quantities, the Ninja comes with a 72 ounce pitcher.  I used it to make smoothies for the whole family and we had plenty so this is a nice sized blender container.

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Make Your Own Pie Crust

Pie crust is one of those things that I usually buy premade.  I know….it seems silly but I have never had good luck at making homemade pie crust.  I decided to make a rustic apple tart and needed a pie crust that just didn’t happen to be purchased and sitting in my fridge.  So, I put my Ninja Mega Kitchen System to work making one!  Just butter, flour, a smidge of salt and a touch of cold water went into the dough mixing bowl.  A few seconds later I had a wonderful homemade pie crust using just a few simple ingredients.  If you like to make bread from scratch, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System can make up to 2 pounds of dough in  under 30 seconds using the dough blade attachment.  The blade system on the food processor is amazing….not just one set of blades at the base of the bowl but several blades all the way up the center of the mixing bowl.  This ensures that everything in the unit gets mixed quickly and completely.  I will certainly not be buying pie crust premade any more now that I know how quickly I can make it in my Ninja.  Batters, bread dough, pie crust….so many things to try!

ninja mega kitchen system homemade nut butters in the ninja

Save Money with Homemade Nut Butters

Making homemade nut butters requires a powerful motor.  I made homemade almond butter and it takes about 13 minutes to go from whole almonds to almond butter.  This is not a chore for a regular blender or cheap food processor or you will burn out the motor.  I started out in the larger food processing bowl to go from whole almonds to almond flour, then moved the almond flour into the smaller food processing bowl to ensure constant contact with the blades.  I love that the Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with 2 sizes of mixing bowls.  This allows a lot of flexibility when you are cooking.  Sometimes if you make a dip or just need to chop an onion you may not need a huge mixing bowl.  The smaller bowl may be smaller in SIZE but it is still incredibly powerful.  The base unit and smaller sized blade really do an awesome job and my homemade almond butter was delicious.  The base definitely felt warm after 13 minutes of grinding almonds but it never once struggled to get the job done.  Homemade nut butters are incredibly healthy and making them at home is much cheaper than buying them at the grocery store.

green smoothie with ninja

Increase Your Veggie Intake

A few months ago I tried making a Tropical Green Smoothie with Kale in my regular blender.  It came out delicious but was a tad bit chunky from the kale.  Kale has a lot of fiber and can be hard to get completely smooth when you blend it.  I decided to try making a similar green smoothie with my Ninja Mega Kitchen System.  Increasing the amount of greens in your diet is very good for your health.  They are loaded with nutrients but I sometimes struggle to get my family to eat them without complaint.  With the Ninja, I can toss a handful of greens into our daily smoothie and we can  drink our greens instead of eat them.  The Ninja can handle whole fruits and veggies with no problem which allows you to get all the fiber and nutrients contained in the pulp, rather than just the juice like you do in a traditional juicer.  It can also handle ice without leaving behind chunks.  I have tried adding ice to my smoothies and juices in the past but regular blenders just can’t crush the ice cubes like the Ninja can.  This morning’s green smoothie used vanilla yogurt, coconut milk, canned pineapple and a few handfuls of fresh baby spinach.  With the multiple blade attachment that runs up the center the spinach is pureed in just a few seconds and I can enjoy my greens for breakfast without chunks like in a regular blender.

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Make Your Cookies From Scratch

My kids love sweets, just like I am sure most kids do.  Cookies are a particular weakness in my house.  However, have you ever flipped over your package of cookies and looked at the ingredients?  Seriously…do that!  You will wonder what most of the ingredients actually are!  Making cookies from scratch is incredibly easy in the Ninja Mega Cooking System.  I decided to try out the large food processing bowl with a batch of No Bake Trail Mix Cups.  These no bake cookies are loaded with healthy ingredients like nuts, dried fruit, oats, honey etc.  The Ninja whipped everything together in no time and since these cookies required no baking I had a batch of healthy cookies made in less than 20 minutes.  No wondering what sort of weird ingredients in them because when I make cookies from scratch I KNOW what my kids are eating.

ninja mega kitchen system

Over the last month or so I have really put my Ninja Mega Kitchen System to work and this is one appliance that is staying on my counter top at all times!  You know how some unitaskers just take up space in a cabinet for months until you decide to use it again?  The Ninja is NOT that appliance!  It is going to be given a place of honor on my counter and used regularly to help me feed myself and my family a tad bit healthier.  What else do I have planned for my Ninja?  Next up is a batch of frozen cocktails!  I can’t wait to try a nice fresh summer cocktail like a watermelon margarita.  If you want to connect with Ninja Kitchen and learn more about the Ninja Mega Kitchen System you can follow them on Facebook.

What would you do with your Ninja Mega Kitchen System?

Disclaimer:  In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials.”: I received the Ninja Mega Kitchen System at no charge in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.   I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

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  1. I REALLY want one of these! My food processor is broken and doesn't work at all anymore. When I make smoothies it spews smoothie all over the place. It doesn't make nut butter anymore. I would use this processor almost literally every day. I'm crazy in the kitchen. :)
  2. Francine @ Teresa's Family Cleaning says:
    I love my Ninja! It really does help you eat more veggies!!
  3. I make green smoothies everyday and my blender really struggles with kale and spinach. It takes forever with me going back and forth to push things down more into the blades. I'm thinking of getting something like this since I would use it every day.
  4. Wow! This system looks like it does everything. I would use this all the time as much time as I spend in my kitchen.
  5. That is very cool. I want to try making my own nut butters.
  6. Love my Ninja but wish the lid had a opening to add things to it as it is being mixed.
    • That might be a nice feature but the blade design might make it tricky? Not sure. I usually just pop the lid off when I need to!
  7. NinjaBlenderLover says:
    Hi DianeI too have the Ninja blender. I do love it. I look to blend everything but I am having trouble with crushing ice with it. It says you can crush ice and most other blogs, sales pitches etc. seem to suggest that its possible.When you added the ice to your smoothie did you add partially pre crushed ice or did you add regular sized ice cubes?ThanksG
    • I didnt have any trouble with ice crushing with mine. It does take a few more minutes but not too long at all. maybe add a bit less? I started with the whole ice cubes, not crushed ice.
  8. I have recently purchased a Ninja, however feel limited not having a recipe book. How do I get recipes from Facebook. I am 72 so use that as my excuse for ignorance!
  9. Kelly Carall says:
    I just got the Ninja Ultima Kitchen system for Christmas. I love it. Bought a recipe book on Amazon as well as use the one on the ninja website. I don't have any problems with it crushing ice and I put whole cubes in. Chops stuff up in 2 pulses. I wasn't a very inventive cook, but now with this I want to try different things. I tried the stir-fried pork and ginger pasta on the ninja recipe website and it came out really good. I make all kinds of smoothies with it and want to try a whole bunch of other things as well.
  10. Are the smoothies as smooth as with the Vitamix? I'm torn between the two. Have you tried both or any other brands? Thanks! I appreciate your honest input! ?
    • I have never tried a vitamix so I can't really say but they are WAY smoother than they were with my previous blender! I find spinach gets smoother than kale but they were both very tasty!

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