Easy Mason Jar Craft: Powdered Sugar Dispenser

I tried my hand at canning blueberries a couple months back and while it was fun and relatively easy to do I am not sure I will be doing it again any time soon. Without an inexpensive source of fruit it is rather pricy to do it yourself. My backyard garden rarely produces enough of anything to have extra for canning and there are not a lot of pick your own produce places in metro Atlanta. I now have tons of mason jars and have started looking around at mason jar crafts to see what I can do with them.

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I love dusting the things I bake with powdered sugar. There is just something very classy looking about a pancake or brownie with a light dusting of powdered sugar on it. My daughter’s favorite meal is something called a Kaiserschmarrn which is a cross between a crepe and a pancake and comes from the Germany/Austria area. We serve it stuffed with jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar. For years I have been getting out the sifter to dust it on them but no more! My newest mason jar craft has made my life much easier and used up exactly ONE of the many mason jars sitting in my pantry. Now, what to do with all the rest of them? There are lots of great ideas on Pinterest if you need a few more suggestions.


If you want to make this simple powdered sugar container it only takes a few simple steps.

Powdered Sugar Dispenser

Place your mason jar on a flat surface and using a hammer and nail (or other sharp, pointy tool) poke holes in the top of the lid.

how to reuse mason jars

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Wrap a piece of ribbon around the edge of the lid to make it pretty. Or not, depending on how creative you are feeling.

mason jar crafts

Head over to Limeshot Designs and check out their many Free Printable Mason Jar Labels. Write on your label what your jar contains and the date. Cut out your label, spray with adhesive glue and attach to your jar.

easy mason jar craft_edited-1

Fill with powdered sugar and screw lid on tightly when ribbon and label are dry. Now you can dust away on whatever you are baking without getting out that annoying sifter!


Do you have an easy mason jar craft that you have tried and would like to share?

2 thoughts on “Easy Mason Jar Craft: Powdered Sugar Dispenser”

  1. What a cute idea! I too have an overflow of Mason jars. I bought them with the intention of canning (along with a slew of cookbooks) but we moved away from the country and here in the ‘burbs, it’s going to be hard to grow enough to make it cost-effective, though I still want to get rid of tomatoes in cans. (We are in the process of re-landscaping our backyard so I’ll have more room but still, the reality is I only have so much time and so much space, so I’ll have less than I wanted but at least I’ll have the right amount to keep on top of!) We use powdered sugar for quite a few breakfast items and this would be a cute addition to the shelf. Thanks for sharing!


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