Meet the newest additions to the family!

Like I don’t already have enough things to take care of in this house, right? In addition to the children, husband, dog, bird, fish and gardens I will now be adding in the care of these two adorable little bearded dragons! Sandy (my daughter’s new best friend) is the one in the back and Link (my son’s little dragon) is in front. We aren’t sure if either one is a boy or girl yet but those are their names, regardless of sex!

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Bearded dragons are a great choice for a pet if you are looking to add a reptile into your home. They are incredibly docile, very inquisitive and really have quite a bit of personality. Of course, they also require very specific lighting and feeding conditions so don’t expect that your kids are going to be able to care for them by themselves. I have been dusting baby crickets with vitamins and chopping up kale and carrots into tiny pieces and sprinkling it with calcium. And, of course, the kibble is way too big and has to be crushed and they need fresh water daily. I have lost a few crickets already…hope they don’t start their own breeding program in my house!


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You can’t really see them very well but they are incredibly tame! They will happily just sit on your hand or hang out on your lap. Every once in a while they get a little feisty and go hopping off onto the back of the couch or onto my shoulder but so far we have caught them fairly easily. I make sure to keep the doors closed whenever they are out…to prevent them from escaping and to make sure the dog doesn’t eat them!


Technically, they are the kid’s pets but mommy really loves these little guys! I have a feeling they are going to be the most spoiled rotten little dragons ever! Did you know you can take them for walk on a leash? I need to find out where to buy such a thing as a lizard leash….



7 thoughts on “Meet the newest additions to the family!”

  1. Hahaha…I saw the title and totally thought we were gonna see new babies. Though I’m kinda glad it wasn’t because then I felt bad that I didn’t know you had a new child 🙂

  2. I had lizards as a kid and they were really some of my favorite pets. Mine weren’t this exact species but they look very similar. Fun!

  3. Lizards are probably the one pet (other than fish) that I could handle in the house.. but we’re not ready to commit to anything yet… they are adorable though 😉

  4. I bet you could get a leash at PetSmart. My daughter’s friend had lizards for several years and he was always trying to give me one. 🙂


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