Quality tea blends from Kusmi Tea

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I love to finish a good dinner with a hot cup of tea. I usually go for a green or white tea but every once in a while I want something a little bit different and choose an herbal blend or a tea that has been infused with unique flavors. I was recently sent a box of Rose green tea from Kusmi Tea to try so when I got back from dinner at the Thai restaurant I thought it would be a perfect ending to a delicious meal. If you have never heard of Kusmi Tea, here is some information about them from their website:
For 140 years, Kusmi Tea has been offering to gourmets the finest in high quality tea blends. The famous tea brand offers unique Russian blends ….whose recipes have been kept secret for more than a century, but also many traditional and flavored blends.
Kusmi Tea offers a wide selection of teas which range from wellness blends like their Detox, Boost, or Euphoria blends but also a great variety of Russian teas and traditional blends of green or black teas. They also carry a number of great assortments and gifts if you are looking for a little something to give to that tea lover in your life.

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For my review, I received a box of Rose Green Tea. The box contains 20 muslin tea bags but you can also purchase it as a 8.8 ounce metal tin or a 4.4 ounce metal tin if you prefer loose leaf teas. This green tea is rolled in rose petals, which gives it a delicate, natural flavor and scent.
My Opinion:  I have never tried a green tea infused with rose before so I was curious to see how it would taste. The aroma of this tea really has a wonderful floral scent. When you actually taste the tea you get both the flavor of the green tea itself but also the flavor of the rose petals, too. It is a wonderful balance, with neither flavor being overly strong. It was a wonderful way to relax after a good meal and really reminded me of springtime! I highly recommend this tea if you like blended teas!
 If you would like to learn more about Kusmi Tea you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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2 thoughts on “Quality tea blends from Kusmi Tea”

  1. Diane,

    Thank you for your posting about Kusmi Tea. It brought to mind a silly question that I have had for quite some time, but never knew who or had the chance to ask. After reading your post, I guess now is the perfect time.

    Years ago, I had opportunity to have traditional Japanese Green Tea. Frankly, I didn’t like it at all. It made me think I was drinking a hot cup of cut grass. Since then, I have stayed away from “green tea” altogether.

    So my question for you would be have you ever had Japanese Green Tea and does the Kusmi Rose Green Tea taste similar, minus the Rose?

    Thank you for indulging me with a response.


  2. well, I like the taste of green tea so it might not be as ‘obvious’ to me. This blend has undertones of the green tea flavor itself with a stronger floral note. Does that help? It isn’t as bland and ‘grasslike’ 🙂 as a plain green tea but the flavor is there…underneath the rose!


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