Best Places To Live An Organic Lifestyle

One of my biggest frustrations with trying to live a greener life is that the United States is not one of the easiest places to live if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. There are so many organic countries in the world that put the health of the environment ahead of convenience and profit.

The US isn’t one of them, and Georgia is definitely not high on the list of greenest cities to live in. When Trevida asked to share some information with me on the most organic countries to live green, I was curious to find out where I should be booking my plane ticket to! They sent a lovely set of essential oils to try and I will include an affiliate link at the bottom of the post if you would like to shop with a discount.

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The Most Organic Countries to Live Green

Not even a delicious food coma can keep one unaware of the global discussions about organic living right now. Pesticides and chemicals run rampant in the Standard American Diet (SAD). We do not yet know the expanse of lasting effects these foods have on our health, bodies, and generation – but the evidence is there that they’ll take a toll.

However, there are countries throughout taking an initiative, moving toward an organic, all-natural, and sustainably produced food system.

Oftentimes, the change and influence must come with the support and passing of legislation that backs organic farming and food labeling. Citizens and politicians must take constant measures to ensure the quality of food available. If it sounds like a lot of work, well, that’s because it is.

Yet, there are some progressive countries taking the initiative and leading the way to bring about change on a national level and restore the integrity of their agriculture. Here are a few of the most organic countries if you are trying to live a greener life.

The 5 Most Organic Countries to Live Green

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New Zealand

There are no genetically modified foods grown in this country, and there’s a longstanding culture of sustainable agricultural practices in place which help to preserve the diverse landscape, environment, and flora and fauna. New Zealand is vastly rural, comprised of farming people who, as a general rule, care about the quality and health of their food supply.


Since 2002 Ireland has been making clear efforts to support the ethical and effective labeling and distribution of organic products. The Irish Organic Growers & Farmers Association sets high standards for the certification of organic produce for its more than 1200 members. Every year they host countless seminars and lobbies for furthering of organic and sustainable farming. It definitely shows in the quality of produce coming out of Ireland.


Australia’s organic farmland makes up 99-percent of the organic agriculture of Oceania. The country has the most certified organic land in the world, totaling a whopping 17-million hectares. Since the early ’90s, Australia has had strictly regulated standards for the production and labeling of organic products. Organizations like the NASAA have streamlined the certification process in recent years in an effort to ramp up organic production.


With more than 2-percent of its arable certified as organic, Argentina has the most organic land in South America and the second most in the entire world. A great diversity of fruit, vegetable, and aromatic and medicinal plants is coming out of the country. It’s no trouble living an organic and healthy lifestyle in this country.


With a high percentage of organic agricultural land and the strongest economy in Europe, Germany is by far one of the most organic countries in the world. An average of 7-percent of all food consumed in the country is organic, ranking it the highest in organic consumption in all of Europe. While they only land at 9th in terms of most organic food produced, this is more a result of their relatively small amount of farmland compared with countries like the United States, Australia, and Argentina.

The 5 Most Organic Countries to Live Green

How to Live Green No Matter Where You Live!

If you do not happen to live in a country with a strong organic presence, there’s still much you can do to support the growth of organic farming at home.

First and foremost, buy organic.

  • Transition into the purchasing, using and supporting of organic products, not just for special occasions, but for everyday life. If we actively reduce the demand of non-organic produce, farmers will need to adapt to the market. It’s the consumers who have the control, here, and while the cost might be slightly higher now, the benefits are well justified.
  • Vote for organic politicians who also understand the importance of organic farming, manufacturing, and distribution. Make sure they understand they will have to go without your support (and the support of your friends, neighbors, peers, and communities) unless they align with legislation that supports citizens hungry for change. When citizens take a stand, organic living will grow exponentially.
  • Reach out to companies via Twitter, FB, and all social media, and let them know you want organic alternatives for all of your favorite products, available immediately. We do not have time to delay. We must take care of our bodies, our environment, our land, and the global economy. Companies that understand that their non-organic product will be left behind, will take action.

Even though we all have a lot of work to do, the process is already underway. The stark truth about the benefits of organic products is well known, and change is well on its way.






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