Best Natural Remedies for Headaches and Migraines

Looking for the best natural remedies for headaches and migraines?  There are many natural headache remedies that really work, depending on the type of headache you suffer from.  This post has been sponsored.  All opinions are my own.

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Best Natural Remedies for Headaches and Migraines

Getting Rid of Headaches Naturally

I have always suffered from frequent headaches. Sometimes I feel like I have more headache days in a month than NON headache days! This gets extremely frustrating since I don’t get much accomplished when my head is throbbing. It also makes me very irritable which forces my children and husband to tiptoe around the house for fear of getting their heads chewed off if they so much as whisper too loud.

I really don’t like taking over the counter pain medications. WHY? Check out my post about the dangers associated with pain relievers and you will understand why! I try to tackle as many of my headaches naturally before reaching for the pain meds. 

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Natural Remedies for Headaches

If you are looking for a few natural remedies for headaches, here are some that might work for you. Keep reading for an easy DIY headache relief sachet!


Many times we get headaches due to stress and a good massage can help relax us a bit. Check out a few of my tips on DIY massage therapy to get started on the road to a pain free head!


Even if your head is throbbing, getting up and doing some gently stretches and a leisurely walk around the block will do wonders for getting rid of your headache.


Not only does meditation help us relax but it also encourages deep breathing. Those deep breaths help bring more oxygen into our bodies which may lead to improvement in headache symptoms. Check out my meditation tips to get started. 

Natural Remedies for Headaches and Essential Oils for Sleep


Our bodies often respond to lack of sleep with throbbing pain in our skulls. While you don’t want to sleep for three hours in the middle of the afternoon, a quick 20 minute nap may be just the thing you need to fight your headache. Also, make sure you are getting a good amount of sleep at night. While everyone’s body is slightly different in it’s requirements, most people need a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night to feel completely rested.

If you are having trouble sleeping, there are many essential oils for sleep that may help. Amoils Natural Healing Oil for Insomnia can be massaged  into your temples and the back of your neck 30 minutes before bedtime. Their H-Insomnia Formula helps treat insomnia symptoms naturally, allowing you to relax for a good night’s sleep. This FDA registered homeopathic formula is completely natural and safe and is not habit forming, unlike many prescription drugs.

Heat and Cold:

Everyone’s headaches respond differently but one easy natural remedy for headaches is a warm compress on the base of the neck. This helps release tension and increase blood flow. For a pulsating sinus based headache you are probably better off with a cold pack to the temples or sinuses that are inflamed. A hot shower is one of my tried and true natural remedies for headaches!

Know your triggers: 

Many people get headaches triggered by certain foods. Red wine is one of my worst triggers! Some people react poorly to the nitrates in processed foods. Keep a food diary to figure out what YOUR triggers are and avoid them whenever possible.

Magnesium Supplements: 

Science has suggested that people who suffer from migraines may be deficient in magnesium. Check with your doctor to see if a magnesium supplement may be right for you.

Herbal Teas: 

There are many herbal teas on the market today specifically designed to treat headaches. Ginger, cayenne pepper, peppermint, and many other foods and herbs make great natural remedies for headaches.

Essential Oils: 

I find essential oils to be wonderful natural remedies for headaches (They also work great as natural remedies for insect bites!). If your headache is sinus based, scents that clear your head like eucalyptus or peppermint may help. If your headache is tension related then lavender may help you relax and let that stress just float away. Sometimes I add essential oils to my hot shower or a pain relieving salve.  You can even make this easy DIY headache sachet with Headache Treatment by Amoils.

Easy DIY Headache Sachet 2

 Easy DIY Headache Sachet

Ingredients and Supplies

  • Muslin tea bags
  • Fresh and dried herbs/flowers. I used lavender, mint, and dried eucalyptus. Depending on the cause of your headache, you can vary these as needed.
  • Cotton balls (3 or 4)
    Essential oils like Headache Treatment by Amoils. 5 to 10 drops is plenty.


  1. Place a few drops of Amoils essential oil treatment on each cotton ball
  2. Place cotton balls and herbs along with the cotton balls into the tea bag and tighten string
  3. Microwave 10 seconds to create a bit of heat
  4. Place headache sachet on pillow or close by where you are sitting to help relieve headache.

Amoils H-Headaches Formula is a proprietary blend of essential oils which provide natural pain relieving properties. It includes things like citrus, lavender, menthol, and rosemary to help clear your head and relieve the pain. It is  highly effective in treating many types of headache symptoms and providing fast relief of pain. If you are not up to creating this DIY headache sachet, use a few drops and massage a small amount to your temples, and back of neck.

About Amoils Natural Remedies

Amoils natural remedies are manufactured according to the specifications in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and are appropriate for use as homeopathic ingredients. They have been in the health industry for over 17 years and their natural products have been available on the market for 12 years. Their essential oil formulas are ethically produced and are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They are proudly made in America and no animal testing has been done on their natural remedies. You can learn more about Amoils Natural Remedies by checking out their website or following them on Facebook or Twitter.

What natural remedies for headaches work for you?



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