8 Plants that Bloom in Winter Perfect for Your Back Yard!

In most areas of the country, winter is rather dreary. A look out your window usually shows a collection of grays, browns, tans and other drab colors. Maybe your yard is blanketed with white snow and the sun is hidden by a thick blanket of clouds. It’s a far cry from the reds, yellows and greens that we see during the spring and summer. However, winter doesn’t have to be completely without color. There are many plants that bloom in winter that can add vibrant colors to your back yard.

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Winter Blooming Plants for Color All Year Long

Winter plants can perk up your spirits on an otherwise bland day. While exact varieties of plants that flower in winter may vary depending on your hardiness zone, there are many varieties of winter flowering plants that add color to your yard. Wouldn’t it be nice to look out and see some pink and red decorating the vast landscape of white?

8 Plants that Bloom in Winter

Winter-blooming plants may need a few years to really start flowering. You should also check into the best time to prune flowering plants to that you don’t snip off new flower buds by accident.

A good pair of trimmers is one of my essential gardening tools, and don’t forget to add plenty of organic fertilizer for flowering plants. Once you prepare your garden for winter, consider adding some new landscaping to your yard.


Snowdrops usually bloom in late November and will stay on the ground until near Christmas time. Some varieties will last even longer. Blooms are white-green in color and turned towards the ground.

Winter gardening can be beautiful! Here are a few plants that bloom in winter!

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Winter Jasmine:

Winter Jasmine is a yellow blooming plant that does well when planted on retaining walls and other areas where it has room to ‘drape’.

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Winter gardening brings much needed color to the yard. Hellbore makes beautiful flowers to your yard, even when the weather is cold!
Hellbore image courtesy of Wikimedia


These flowers often resemble fresh cut red roses and are known as Christmas roses. They are long-lived perennials that thrive in shade or patchy sunlight. They come in a variety of colors like pink, white, rose, burgundy and light green. Different species and varieties can bloom from November to April, lying dormant in the summer months.


Phlox actually thrive year-round and will often bloom even in winter. They can thrive in the winter sun as long as they are planted in well-drained soil. You will find many different shades of pink and purple flowers and even a few whites.

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Winter gardening can benefit wildlife when berries grow on the plants! Sweetbox is a small evergreen shrub that creates fragrant flowers from February through April. The flowers are white and slightly tube-shaped and will sprout into small, nonedible black berries in the fall. It likes lots of shade and well-drained soil.

Witnersweet image via Wikimedia Commons
Witnersweet image via Wikimedia Commons


Fragrant wintersweet makes waxy cuplike flowers that are fragrant and produce a yellow to white color with a purple center. They bloom during the winter season and continue through early spring

‘Jelena’ Witch Hazel: 

The orange and red flowers of Jelena Witch Hazel create a vibrant picture against the snowy backdrop. They typically bloom in January and will create wild spirals of orange and red petals.

Flowering quince can make winter landscaping beautiful!
Flowering quince image via Wikimedia commons

Flowering quince:  

The best plants for winter don’t have to be difficult to grow. Flowering quince is virtually indestructible and tolerates many climate extremes. It is a thorny shrub that makes a great natural fence and produces quite a few blooms in the winter.
A little advanced planning can ensure that you have vibrant colors in your landscaping all year round. If you choose plants that bloom in winter you will have an endless source of color to bring INSIDE your home to brighten your day.
If you like decorating with natural elements, just snip off a few branches or blooms and add them to a small vase. Winter won’t seem quite so dreary with winter flowers in the house! Check out HGTV for more plants that bloom in winter!

Do you have plants that bloom in winter in your own yard? Check out these Winter Bird Feeding Tips!

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