PMS: Tips for Teaching your daughter how to deal with her hormones! #KotexMom

I have a bit of a cookbook obsession and last month got a cookbook that deals with Ayurveda, which is basically helping your body and psyche function better by eating the right foods. For some reason this  concept fascinated my son and he spent an entire Saturday afternoon reading about the therapeutic properties of food! The following week when I was irritable and cranky I told my kids that they really should NOT be bugging mommy when she was dealing with PMS….my son told me I clearly needed to be eating more papaya! Apparently papaya has amazing anti-PMS properties…who knew, right? Guess I know what to stock up on when PMS hits next time!

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PMS is something that I have to deal with every month and it isn’t particularly fun. When I told my daughter about menstruation there was no way I could NOT tell her what PMS is and how it will effect her moods and body. There are a lot of ways for a woman to deal with the symptoms of PMS so some of the things we talked about included:

1. Exercise:  Moderate exercise is actually good at getting yourself through ‘that time of the month’. Exercise releases endorphins and makes us feel good naturally. This helps alleviate pain, curb cravings, and get rid of stress.

2. Healthy Eating:  As much as we crave salty snacks or sweet junk food right before our period, it is better to eat high fiber foods and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This helps keep you regular and gives you more energy. Making sure to take a multivitamin during that time of the month is also helpful.

3. Heat therapy:  Cramps area  fact of life, at least in my world. While I don’t get debilitating cramps like some people I know it certainly isn’t something I can ignore. I told my daughter that heating pads are a great way to loosen muscles and deal with cramps but if that doesn’t work I head to the ibuprofen. Trying to deal with PMS naturally is my preference but I admit I hate laying around with cramps!

4. Getting enough sleep:  PMS makes a girl cranky and being tired AND PMSing makes a girl even crankier! Making sure to get enough sleep can help put you in a better mood even if your hormones are running amok.

5. A Hot Shower: When PMS is at it’s worst I find the best thing is a hot shower. It helps relax me, lessens cramps, and scrubs all that excess oil from my hair and skin. Hormones wreak havoc with our body chemistry and as a kid the greasy hair and skin really bugged me during my period.

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Teaching your daughter about PMS


Teaching your daughter how to deal with PMS is important and the Kotex website has a lot of useful information about it. Another thing you want to make sure you talk to your daughter about is knowing when to expect her period so she isn’t surprised at school or at a sleepover. Giving her a calender to help track her period will let her know when her PMS will hit and she will make sure to have all the necessary supplies on hand when she goes out.

The U By Kotex Hello Period site is a great reference for both moms and daughters when it comes to your daughter’s period. This is a site where your daughter can get answers to all her period questions, plus honest advice from other girls. Sometimes no matter how much we talk to our daughters we are still MOM….hearing about what other girls have to say about periods can be an effective tool for educating them about this time of the month.

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Make sure your daughter has all the information she will need to deal with her period when it arrives. Teaching her to track her cycle on a calender, deal with PMS symptoms, and always have the right products on hand will help her stay confident, even when her hormones are a bit out of whack! Encourage her to try out the U by Kotex tween products. They are specifically designed for younger girls with a slimmer design and hip packaging.

By talking to your daughter honestly about PMS and her period you can make sure that she is prepared for that time of the month! Understanding her changing body will go a long way towards staying confident at that time of the month!

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

6 thoughts on “PMS: Tips for Teaching your daughter how to deal with her hormones! #KotexMom”

  1. I have 5 girls (ages 16, 15, 13, 11 and 10) so you can imagine how much PMS and products for ‘that time’ lives under one roof.

    My oldest 4 have been early bloomers. Is my 10 year old too young to know about puberty? What you think?

    • I admit, I told my kids about the facts of life fairly early so my daughter (who is 11) has known just about everything there is to know for about 2 or 3 years. My mom didn’t tell me squat so when I got my period I was totally freaked out. I was determined that would never happen to my kid. But, every child is different!


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