Goldfish trail mix keeps your teen fueled up! #Cbias

When my kids were young, they were always on the go and needed frequent snacks to keep them fueled up for a busy day of playing. Now that they are older, they are STILL always on the go and needing constant food intake to keep them going strong. The only difference is that my almost 13 year old son now eats way more than he ever has before! In fact, I am pretty sure he eats more than the rest of the family combined! I try and keep healthy snacks in the pantry at all times because he is looking for fast and easy. He is not going to peel an orange or cut up cheese for some crackers. He wants food NOW. Goldfish crackers are one of our pantry staples for easy snacking and in order to add even more nutrition into an already healthy snack I will often make it into Goldfish trail mix, which is a huge hit in my house. Here is my son doing what he does every day….looking for more food:

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looking for goldfish crackers

On my recent trip to Target (some days, I think I live there!) I decided to stock up on some healthy snacks to tide us all over til grocery shopping day. I always try to buy enough in my weekly food shopping to last the whole week but never seem to manage it! Inevitably, by mid week the boy child has already eaten all the snacks and my pantry starts to look empty! A huge batch of Goldfish trail mix should last us til shopping day. I HOPE!

goldfish snack crackers

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I am always amazed at the wide variety of Goldfish snack crackers that are available. To be honest, my son would eat every single one of them straight out of the bag and he does so quite often! I usually tend to buy the cheddar and pretzel goldfish snack crackers because those are the favorites but the whole family will happily munch on whatever I bring home! On this trip to Target I found a new Goldfish cracker:  A Graham cracker goldfish! I have never seen those before and they come in several different flavors. For my trail mix, though, the sweetness usually comes as chocolate chips or M&M’s so I stick to the tried and true favorites for this trip.

healthy snacking with goldfish

After a brief trip through the new grocery isles of my local Target I think I have enough to tide us over for 2 days til I do the grocery shopping again. I try hard to find snacks that I consider healthy that also appeal to the inner teen that just wants junk food. Goldfish crackers are a convenient snack that he can just grab without too much work involved. They are also a WAY better snack choice than chips! One way I pack even more nutrition into his Goldfish snack is to turn it into Goldfish trail mix. By adding nuts, cereal, and dried fruit I am adding a ton of nutrition to his after school snack. I usually throw in something sweet like chocolate chips or bite sized chocolate candies to appeal to his sweet tooth. I make Goldfish trail mix up in bulk and store in large resealable containers for healthy snacking all week. Just put some in reusable containers for packing in lunch boxes or backpacks. My son loves the bold taste of the Xtra Cheddar and the pretzel Goldfish are always a big hit as well so those are the ones I chose for this batch of trail mix.

goldfish trail mix

Goldfish Trail Mix


I must admit, my teen is not exactly a picky eater. In fact, as long as he can easily get it from hand to mouth no snack is safe in my pantry for long. He is also incredibly lazy and will not go out of his way to make himself something healthy to eat. As a mom, I am the one who worries about eating healthy and proper nutrition! I have to pack every ounce of healthy food into him that I can before he heads off to college and is in charge of his own diet! I like to think that he will still choose Goldfish crackers as he gets older because they are good for him but really, he just loves the taste. But, if mom isn’t there to make Goldfish trail mix he can just eat the Goldfish snack crackers right out of the bag and still get a healthy snack!

after school snacks

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