Recipe: White Pizza with Broccoli Bagel

Last Updated on February 4, 2020 by Diane Hoffmaster

When I was at college at the University of New Hampshire, there was a wonderful little bagel sandwich place that had the BEST bagel sandwiches I have ever had! They were always busy on the weekends but it was worth standing in line for this…the White Pizza with Broccoli Bagel. Once I graduated and moved out of state I just about went through withdrawal until I learned how easy it was to make myself! Oh, to think, how much money I could have saved if I had only learned this while I was still a poor college student! Anyhow, I make them regularly and even my 11 year old son loves them. Here is a breakdown of how to make it:

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 One Bagel or Bagel Thin
3-4 TBSP herbed cream cheese (you can buy it premade but it is just as easy to buy plain cream cheese and add your own herbs…dill and tarragon are my favorites!)
1 cup fresh broccoli, lightly steamed
slices of red onion
4 or 5 slices of good cheddar cheese (I like Cabot or Cracker Barrel)
Directions: Lightly toast the bagel, spred with herbed cream cheese, top with broccoli, then onion, then  cheese
Broil for a few minutes until melted and gooey!


  1. tis looks wonderful


    These little pizzas look so delicious and healthy! I am trying those tomorrow!

  3. Pizza bagels are one of our favorite snacks over at Cabot. Our cheddar is perfect for melting. We love your broccoli addition. So healthy!

    – Megan

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