Saint Augustine Distillery: Free Tours and an Ecofriendly Mission

My kids have been dying to spend a week at the beach so we headed down to Saint Augustine, Florida last week for a much needed break from reality. While the kids may enjoy spending the day at the beach, my husband and I are DOERS on vacation rather than SITTERS. After a couple of hours of beach time, we are excited to get out and see a few sites. Typically, we try to find unique historical and natural things to do while visiting a new location and our trip to St Augustine offered a number of options. If you are planning some St Augustine travel in your future, I highly recommend you check out the Saint Augustine Distillery. The tour is FREE and their commitment to environmental stewardship is truly amazing!

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Saint Augustine Distillery
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The Saint Augustine Distillery was created with the idea of making unique, small batch craft spirits. Utilizing local ingredients, they produce whiskey, rum, vodka and gin within the walls of the Historic FP&L Ice Plant. The building was built as part of St. Augustine’s first power and ice complex in 1907 and has been lovingly renovated. 100 years ago, the FP&L Ice Plant was the first facility of it’s kind to make commercial block ice in Florida. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and you can see photos and read more about it’s history in the small museum that is free to the public.

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The St Augustine Distillery’s commitment to environmental stewardship is truly amazing. They support local farmers who are growing organic, non GMO corn, heirloom varieties of sugar cane, and many other sustainable crops. Copper kettles are purchased from USA suppliers and local citrus fruits find their way into traditional recipes for a unique twist on classic spirits. This is a zero waste facility and all spent grains are used to feed cattle on local farms. I was impressed with the efforts that were made to reduce the carbon footprint of this facility. And, of course, I am always happy to support locally made products during happy hour. Their spirits have already won several awards so you will be glad you got a taste!

Saint Augustine, Florida Travel

For the price of absolutely FREE, you will get to browse the small museum, watch a short video, get a guided tour of the distillery, and be offered two small cocktails in the attached sampling room. Options will change periodically, depending on which liquor is currently available. We sampled a Florida Mule and a variation of a gin and tonic, both of which were delicious. Once the tour is over, you can head to the gift shop and buy a couple of bottles of your favorite spirit and an assortment of unique gifts. If you are hungry, head over to the Ice Plant Bar for food and drinks.

Sainit Augustine Distillery Tours

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Open: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm | Sun 11am-6pm
112 Riberia Street, St. Augustine, Florida 32084
Gift Shop: 904-825-4963 | Office: 904-825-4962

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