Sick of Reading Glasses? Try Multi-Focal Contact Lenses!

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When I was a kid,  I was lucky enough to have perfect vision. Considering my entire family wore glasses, I was more than a little bit excited about this. The older I got, though, the harder it was for me to see things like my insurance card or the menu at the restaurant.

I started having my kids read things to me that were just a tad bit too small for me to see clearly. I finally broke down about 5 years ago and grabbed a pair of reading glasses off the shelf at my local drug store.

I wasn’t ready to head to the eye doctor and deal with my vision issues properly. If I HAD gone to the eye doctor 5 years ago, I would have discovered that I am not just ‘getting old’…my vision issues actually have a name. It is called Presbyopia.

reading glasses

What is Presbyopia? It is not really a disease – it’s just a medical term for what happens to our eyes when we age. In young people, the eye’s lens is soft and flexible. It readily changes shape to help our eyes focus.

As you age, the lens in your eye hardens and becomes less flexible. With this loss of flexibility, it is harder for our eyes to focus on things. Hence, the need for reading glasses as we get older. But, if you haven’t figured it out by now…reading glasses can be a pain!

Reading Glasses are SUCH a Pain!

Sick of Reading Glasses? Try Multi-Focal Contact Lenses! #goodbyereaders

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Ever go out to dinner and forget your reading glasses? Or, go out on a date and purposely leave them at home because you don’t want to look ‘old’ or ‘frumpy’ when you put your reading glasses on? We want to look young, right?

Even if we aren’t! We dress in stylish clothes and do our makeup JUST right to try and minimize our wrinkles. The last thing we need in our quest for a youthful appearance is reading glasses! Not to mention the fact that they are a pain to keep putting on and taking off, depending on what we are looking at. Well, now there is a solution!

contact lensesBausch + Lomb’s PureVision®2 Multi-Focal contact lenses for Presbyopia may help eliminate the need for reading glasses. Yes, there are contact lenses that may help you ditch the reading glasses while still allowing you to see far away as well.

They feature an innovative 3-Zone Progressive™ design to improve near, intermediate, and distance vision. In addition, for convenience, they come as extended wear (30 days) contact lenses. No more asking the kids to read the menu for you!

Check out the video below to learn more about Bausch + Lomb’s PureVision®2 Multi-Focal contact lenses for Presbyopia. You may be able to ditch the reading glasses!


I recently went to have my eyes examined and can honestly say that the entire procedure was fascinating. The technology that they have to check our vision has come SO far since the days of the eye chart on the wall of the doctor’s office!

The procedure was quick, painless, and very high-tech! The eye doctor went over all of the data with me and we discussed how long I have been wearing reading glasses and whether I was a candidate for Multi-Focal Contact Lenses. I left the office with a ton of information, not only about the contact lenses themselves but about my own vision care needs.

Sick of Reading Glasses? Try Multi-Focal Contact Lenses! #goodbyereaders

I encourage you to visit your eye care professional or head over to Good-Bye Readers to get more information on Multi-Focal lenses. You can even get a FREE TRIAL of Bausch + Lomb PureVision 2 Multi-Focal Contact Lenses for Presbyopia.

Talk to your eye care professional to see if PureVision2 For Presbyopia contact lenses are right for you. You can also check out Bausch + Lomb on Facebook for more information.


12 thoughts on “Sick of Reading Glasses? Try Multi-Focal Contact Lenses!”

  1. I had laser surgery years ago so I could ditch the contacts but wondering if I need to go back because I had dealing with reading glasses.

  2. I have to wear reading glasses all the time..a lesser power for seeing far and a stronger one for closeup or reading. I’ve tried multi-vision contact lenses but I had the same problem I have with reading, I can’t see up close small things and that included the contact lenses! I didn’t know which way was up or down or even inside or outside. I found it to be just as frustrating, no actually more frustrating than wearing glasses.The only way I could see the contacts was if hey were colored ones but that still didn’t do any good for the markings.I also don’t think the multi vision contacts come in colors. Any ideas what a Girl can do with these set backs or is thee is anyway around them, in what at first seemed like the answer to reading glasses and my prayers?.

    • I can imagine it is very hard to see the contact lens to actually get it in your eye…maybe reading glasses just so you can get your contacts in?


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