Spring Garden Chores, a Quick Update and a Garden Linky!

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We are already at the end of April and here in Georgia, spring is well on it’s way.  Of course, depending on where you live, you may just now be getting out into the garden to start your spring garden chores.  The work you do BEFORE summer gets here, could ensure your garden’s success this season.  Planning ahead, being patient, and keeping a watchful eye out will help ensure that you have a wonderful harvest come July!  Here are just a few of the garden chores that you should tackle in spring to ensure that you have plenty of produce to harvest this summer.  I would love it if you would link up your own garden posts to highlight what is going on in your own garden this year!  Scroll to the bottom of the post and come share your garden tips, crafts, updates, frustrations, etc!

Spring Garden Chores, a Quick Update and a Garden Linky

Spring Garden Chores

1.  Clear out debris:  Tackle those old plants you never got around to pulling out.  Remove pine cones and sticks that may have fallen during the winter. Make sure no stray rocks have turned up the will get in the way during planting.

2.  Fix broken garden beds.  Whether you are replacing rotten wood or rebuilding rock walls, things have a tendency to shift during the winter to make sure you get a strong foundation for your garden bed before adding new soil.

3.  Till and amend the soil.  You don’t have to till the soil deeply…there is actually some debate as to whether that is actually beneficial to soil health.  Just turn it over a little bit as you add new compost or manure to your garden.  Preparing the garden soil is probably one of the most important spring garden chores since it will have a direct impact on the health of your plants.

4.  Inspect your tools.  Make sure your tools aren’t rusty, your hose doesn’t have holes and your basket handles are firmly attached to your basket.  Having your produce fall all over the ground because the basket breaks is not fun!

5.  Plant seeds and seedlings once threat of frost is over.  Once you have your spring garden chores finished, you can go ahead and plant your seeds.  Make sure you read the package directions for exact timing, placement, and growing needs since all plants are different. Check out my seed starting tips for a few ideas on how to get started.

Spring Garden Chores, a Quick Update and a Garden Linky

I received several of the Scotts Gro-ables seed pods to include in my gardening adventures this year and now that the soil is starting to warm up from a late spring frost, I am finally starting to see growth.  My seed pods (along with some seed potatoes I planted this year) have finally started making their way through the soil and I am looking forward to summer when I can harvest fresh lettuce and herbs right from my back yard.  If you are considering starting your plants from seed, the Gro-Ables seed pods made planting incredibly easy and the pod contains all the nutrients the plants need to thrive in your garden this summer.  Gro-ables simplifies the planting process so it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing. Check out the video below for more information about the benefits of starting with Gro-Ables seed pods!

Planting a garden makes dinner time simpler because it is a ready source of fresh food, right in your own back yard.  Head out and grab a tomato, cucumber, onion, and fresh parsley from your back yard and toss it with some cooked rice and Italian dressing for a simple and easy Rice and Garden Salad.  Throw in some cubes of cooked chicken for the ‘meat lovers’ in your house or just add some Feta cheese and pine nuts.  It is a wonderfully healthy meal with a very small carbon footprint if you grab those veggies from your backyard garden!  If you are a first time gardener and a little intimidated by getting started, check out The Beginner Gardener on Sprout It for plenty of ideas.



Have you started on your spring garden chores yet?  I would love for you to link up to the Garden Linky below and show off all your gardening creations….maybe you have a garden craft you have created or tips on how to get your kids involved with gardening?  Maybe you just want to show off your amazing harvest this month!  I will be sharing a garden linky every week (or try to!) and it will be open all week for your to link up.  Please visit some of the other gardeners in the linky and share the love!


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I would love to see what’s going on in your own garden this season!  Have a garden update to share?  Maybe a craft, DIY, or even tips on how to preserve your garden harvest?  Share in the linky below and then visit some of your fellow gardeners and show them some love!

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  1. I love it when I see the first signs of a seed pop up. My garden has begun! Thanks for the great tips.
  2. I miss having a garden! Right now I live in an apartment but hopefully we will be buying our new home soon and I can start gardening again :)
  3. Terri Ingraham | Sugar Free Glow says:
    Your post reminded me that I forgot to plant onions! Great tips--thanks for sharing!
    • I plant them every year but they never get as big as the ones in the store. Not sure what I am doing wrong there!
  4. We just finished planting our garden last weekend. Our last step was putting huge pinwheels in the garden to keep the birds away.
  5. Im really looking forward to gardening season in northern Michigan. Another month and we can plant outdoors. We don't have a greenhouse and always have to wait for Memorial weekend.
  6. Pretty flowers! I need to get started on mine, but this rain never ends!
  7. I have not started yet. It is still too freezing outside..
    • Here in the south, the kids are in shorts already! Of course, by august everything will be dead from the heat!

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