Staying Fit After 50 Is Easier With These Simple Tips

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When I was in my 20s, staying fit was easy. I had a supercharged metabolism and plenty of time to exercise. In my 30s, I had small kids to chase around all day and not as much time to work out but staying fit seemed to still be in my reach. Now that I am in my 40s, things are a bit more challenging. My metabolism is slowing down and between work and kids, finding time to work out isn’t always easy.

I am going to be 50 in a couple of years and am really dreading how the next decade will affect my health.  Keep reading for tips on staying fit after 50 as well as some great information about the flip50™  program which helps make the impossible as simple as possible.

Staying Fit After 50

Staying Fit After 50

With a slowing metabolism, unique nutritional needs, and a busy schedule, staying fit at 50 can present a few challenges. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you enter this decade of your life:

Rethink your supplement routine:

The general multivitamin you have been taking for the last 20 years may no longer be appropriate. While you should discuss these things with your doctor, here are some things to consider:

  • You may no longer need a supplement with iron if you are no longer menstruating.
  • Consider adding B vitamins to your supplement routine. This may help provide more energy, which is hard to come by in your 50s.
  • Pay more attention to calcium and vitamin D. Osteoporosis is a big concern for many women after 50.

olive oil

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Eat Like a Greek:

The Mediterranean diet has a lot of health benefits, especially for people trying to stay fit after 50. Olive oil, walnuts, and seafood are incredibly healthy foods to add to your diet in your 50s (and check out my post about why walnuts are so healthy for more information!).  They may boost brain health and declining memory is a big concern after 50.

Modify Your Workout Routine:

As you get older, you need to modify your workout routine in order to say fit after 50, you ARE going to need to exercise. However, you need to be more mindful of warming up properly and modifying certain exercises to reduce strain on your joints. Spend plenty of time cooling down properly. Don’t push yourself too hard since recovery after 50 is much slower than it was in your 20s.

Stretching is very important when trying to stay fit after 50. Loss of flexibility is a common complaint of middle aged individuals.  Daily stretching will help keep you limber and may prevent accidental injury.

Balance Cardiovascular and Strength Training

While you may want to look just like those buff weightlifting models, that isn’t really a great target to strive for in your 50s. When you hit the gym, find a balance between cardiovascular workouts and strength training. This will help you achieve the best overall health possible. You definitely don’t want to ignore cardiovascular health in your 50s.

Consider the flip50 App

The flip50 app is a unique way to help you stay fit at 50. Along with access to fitness locations and wellness services, you also get a tailored weekly plan that balances exercise, nutrition, and rest.


This personalized weekly plan helps you stay balanced in your post 50 workout routine. Balancing exercise, nutrition, and stress relief can be challenging, however, the app keeps all these goals front and center in one handy place on your smartphone.

The exercise portion of the flip50 app subscription provides access to over 10,000 gyms nationwide. It also includes ideas and instructions for at home workouts as well as exercise videos and guided walking exercise programs.

There are hundreds of recipes available within the flip50 app to help you create easy, healthy recipes. You will not only notice the pounds coming off, but you will feel more energetic as well!

You will also find great relaxation techniques in the flip50 app and routines to help you reduce your stress level. Your subscription to the flip50 program provides monthly vouchers that can be redeemed for massage and more. Vouchers and discounts are not currently available in all states. For specific terms, limitations and details, visit the flip50 website at

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