Snack Sustainably During Solar Energy Awareness Month

I am a snacker and frequently find myself staring aimlessly into the pantry trying to figure out what I want to eat. It doesn’t matter if I just ate 2 hours ago..inevitably I am hungry again anyhow! I try hard to find foods that are good for me to snack on like nuts, granola bars, and fresh fruit but did you know that you can find snacks that are good for the PLANET if you look around a little bit? Choosing organic products, treats packaged in recyclable packages or snacks made using alternative energy are all great ways to go green with your snacking habit. SunRidge Farms offers all of these snacking options in one convenient place! If you aren’t familiar with SunRidge Farms, here is some information about them from their website:

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SunRidge Farms™ is a true innovator in organic and natural bulk and packaged nuts & seeds, dried fruit, candies, and snack & trail mixes. Our commitment to natural ingredient development means nutritional products that are free of unhealthy refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, artificial colorings, and preservatives. Within each of our snack categories we offer a wide variety of naturally flavorful ingredients to satisfy every taste.

October is Solar Energy Awareness Month and just in time for their 30th anniversary this year, SunRidge Farms completed a major expansion of the solar panel system on top of its production facility. The system now supplies 35-40 percent of their energy needs.It also helps to keep an estimated 1.3-million pounds of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere each year. That’s the equivalent of planting 1,800 acres of trees!

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SunRidge Farms healthy snacks


I have tried several of the SunRidge Farms products over the past year and have been very pleased with all of them. I love that they include only the healthiest and freshest ingredients in their snacks. They are also naturally flavored and colored, Non-GMO, and contain no preservatives, hydrogenated oils or Trans fats.

For Solar Energy Awareness Month, I got a great selection of ‘sun’ themed snacks to try out….no more standing aimlessly in front of the pantry for ME! I am always happy when someone asks me to test out some tasty snacks! So, for this review I received the following snacks:

  •  All Natural Galaxy MixWith all natural creamy vanilla, raspberry, blueberry and dark chocolate covered pretzels, this bold and colorful gourmet mix is the perfect blend of sweet and salty, surreal deliciousness! The dark chocolate is recognized for its antioxidant properties the result is a snack that tastesdelicious, contains fiber, iron and other nutrients.
  • Organic Sunny BearsA better-for-you USDA-certified organic cousin of the gummy bear, SunRidge Farms’ Sunny Bears are 100 percent vegetarian, gelatin-free, and free of artificial flavors and colors. Sunny Bears come in bright, fruit-forward flavors – a sure crowd pleaser for all.
  • Organic Sunflower SeedsDelicious, USDA-certified organic seeds produced by the rays of the sun. Sunflower seeds are great for baking, adding to salads, munching as a simple, protein-packed snack, or for sprinkling on entrees for a healthy crunch.

sunridge farms solar snacks


So, my opinion of the SunRidge Farms snacks I received?  Of course, the first snack I wanted to try was the gummy bears…I have a horrible sweet tooth! I can honestly say that I absolutely loved them! They are very tender little gummy bears, not overly tough and hard to chew which I really appreciate. The flavor is nicely fruity and I could seriously eat the whole bag all by myself. Of course, my children will soon find them and that will be the end of THESE tasty gummies!

The Galaxy mix is an interesting blend of yogurt covered pretzels in assorted flavors (all natural, of course). I like the peanut butter one the best..just like dipping pretzels in peanut butter (which I enjoy as a snack) only slightly sweeter. There are also berry, vanilla, and chocolate coatings. All the flavors were good but the peanut butter one was my favorite. It also has malted milk balls in there which give it a nice variety.

Lastly, the sunflower seeds were delicious….crunchy and lightly salty. Perfect addition to trail mix or just eaten straight out of the bag.


If you are looking for snacks that are better for YOUR health and the health of the environment, SunRidge Farms has a great assortment and they are the perfect way to support solar energy during the month of October!

If you want to learn more about SunRidge Farms check them out on Facebook

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6 thoughts on “Snack Sustainably During Solar Energy Awareness Month”

  1. I knew I had to have a bag of those when I saw the pretzels. I’ll have to look and see if our local Fresh Market or Earthfare carries these. Hide the gummy bears and save them for yourself. 🙂

  2. I love sunridge farms. Costco in San Antonio started carrying some of their snacks, but I can’t find any here in Louisiana. I need to buy some online. I’ve become very sensitive to artificial food colors since I’ve been pregnant, but I occasionally crave candy. 🙂 Those gummy bears would come in handy. LOL


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