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TerraCycle is an international upcycling company that takes difficult to recycle packaging and turns it into affordable, eco-friendly products. Founded in 2001, they are the world’s leader in the collection and reuse of non-recyclable post-consumer waste. TerraCycle works with over 30 major brands in the U.S. (and in a growing number of other countries) to collect used packaging and products (chip bags, candy wrappers, juice pouches, pens, old toothbrushes, etc.) that would otherwise be destined for landfills. Here are a few of their programs if you are interested in learning more about how YOU can reduce your carbon footprint and upcycle your trash!
Garnier Brand Provides First Comprehensive Solution For All Cosmetic Packaging Waste. It is the first brand to provide such a comprehensive solution to cosmetic packaging waste anywhere in the world. Through the sponsorship of worldwide Cosmetics Brigade, cosmetic packaging will be collected and shipped to a TerraCycle facility. All kinds of cosmetic waste that would otherwise end up in our trash can now be recycled or reused. Sign up at www.terracycle.net.

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Pick Up Those Plastic Cups

After your kids birthday party or summer pool party, don’t throw away those plastic cups. Solo Cup Company and TerraCycle are announcing the Solo Cup Brigade, which will allow consumers to send in all polystyrene cups, regardless of brand. So, whether the cup is foam or clear or red plastic, keep it out of the landfill by sending it to TerraCycle and earning two cents for each cup, to be paid to the charity of your choice. The cups will be recycled into new plastic. Sign up at http://www.terracycle.net/.

Office Depot to Host National Collection During Earth Week April 17-23

Sanford Brands, Office Depot and TerraCycle, Inc. are offering customers a unique recycling opportunity during Earth Month. Beginning Sunday, April 17and running throughSaturday, April 23,customers can bring used writing instruments, regardless of brand, to any Office Depot store nationwide. In exchange for ten pens, pencils or markers, customers will receive a coupon toward a new Sanford product. The collected instruments will be sent to TerraCycle, the pioneering upcycling and recycling company, to be turned into new office-supply products ranging from trashcans to desk organizers. 

TerraCycle and Old Navy Partner in the Flip Flop Replay April 22-May 21 TerraCycle and Old Navy are partnering in a month-long drive to collect used flip flops and recycle them into four public playgrounds around the country. The public can stop in any Old Navy store in the U.S. between April 22-May 21 to deposit used flip flops in designated collection bins. This is the first time a nationwide retailer has initiated a large-scale effort to collect and recycle flip flops.

More is Green in Easter Baskets besides the Fake Grass

It’s Easter time. Bulbs are blooming, bunnies are hopping, and baskets are brimming with candy. An Easter Basket full of sweet treats makes a thoughtful gift for anyone this time of year, but what should environmentally concerned consumers do with all those wrappers when the holiday is over? Cadbury, the makers of Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, and Trident, and Mars, the maker of M&M’s®, Snickers®, Milky Way®, Starburst® and Skittles®, have partnered with upcycling pioneering TerraCycle to collect difficult to recycle packaging and ‘upcycle’ it into fun, innovative products. People can sign up for the Candy Wrapper Brigade which is a free program that pays participants two cents for each wrapper they send in. The money goes to a charity of the collector’s choice while keeping millions of used candy wrappers out of landfills every year.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Green Tortillas

Mission Foods®, one of the nation’s largest tortilla manufacturers, has partnered with upcycling company TerraCycle, Inc.® to recover and reuse its plastic food bags through TerraCycle’s collection programs called Brigades. Mission® brand tortilla, wrap and tostada bags are accepted. The Tortilla and Tostada Bag Brigade™ pays two cents per unit of packaging to either Mission Foods’ charity partner Share Our Strength®, the leading national nonprofit striving to end childhood hunger in America or brigade participants can select their own charity of choice. Sign up at http://www.terracycle.net/.

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