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Get Started On Your Green Living Journey!

How to Pack an Eco friendly Lunchbox   Looking for eco friendly lunchbox ideas that are non toxic and reduce waste? You can pack a sustainable and well-balanced meal quickly with a few reusable items and a little bit of planning.  Here are a few waste free lunch tips for people taking their lunch to school or work.  

Florida Produce Fresh From Florida

Handy Tips for Freezing Produce These handy tips for freezing produce will help ensure that your harvest tastes just as good in November as it did in July!

Green Manicure Tips for Healthy Nails Whether you just want to have a girls’s night in or you are getting dressed up for date night, pretty nails can make you look and feel your best.  These easy green manicure tips and tricks will have your nails looking beautiful without a huge carbon footprint or unhealthy beauty ingredients.  

pile of old jeans

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Recycling Old Clothing Gives New Life to Old Clothes Have you looked at your wardrobe and started wondering how to start recycling old clothing? As you work on decluttering the closet in the coming months, stop to think about the impact of your closet clean out.  What are you doing with your old clothes?  Donating used clothes is a great choice.  But what happens to clothing that is beyond repair and reuse?  Did you know that textile recycling is gaining in popularity?  


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Homemade Carrot Top Pesto Recipe with Brown Rice Pasta

Make Healthy Recipes From Scratch!

Simple Carrot Top Pesto Recipe  This simple carrot top pesto recipe is a delicious way to use every part of the carrot!  With loads of carrot greens and a handful of fresh basil, this homemade pesto has a fresh flavor and takes only minutes to make.  

Strawberry Jam with Chia Seeds and Honey

Strawberry Chia Seed Jam Recipe This easy chia jam recipe is made with just strawberries and chia seeds with a touch of honey for added sweetness.  If you love homemade jam, I highly recommend making this strawberry chia seed jam recipe and putting it on EVERYTHING!

New England Style Homemade Baked Beans from Scratch in a ceramic pot with metal spoon

How to Make Real New England Style Homemade Baked Beans Want to learn how to make homemade baked beans from scratch?  As a native New Englander, I can help!  There is nothing more amazing than the smell of homemade baked beans in the oven! 

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rabbit in the garden

Easy Gardening Tips

How to Keep Animals Out of the Garden Have you just planted your precious snow peas?  Are you wondering how to keep animals out of the garden so that you can actually eat them?  Here are some natural ways to keep animals out of the garden and away from your summer produce.

Indoor Composting

Urban Composting Tips for City Dwellers and Apartment Renters  When you think of composting, do you envision large piles of organic waste turned regularly by dedicated farmers, pitchforks in hand? While large composting bins do yield more soil, urban composting is becoming a popular activity for anyone trying to go green. Just because you live in a city or rent an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t compost like a pro. Here are a few urban composting tips and basics to help you reduce your trash output. 

Cheap and Natural Organic Gardening Solutions for Frugal Gardening!   I hope you will join me on my edible gardening adventure this year with these frugal gardening tips!

How to Attract Toads to Your Garden and Why You Want Them There! I bet you are asking yourself why in the world you want to attract toads to the garden, right? If you love growing your own food, you really need to keep reading to find out!


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