Environmental Causes to Support With Your Time and Money

Are you looking for environmental causes to support with your time and money?  Making donations to charities involved in environmental protection throughout the year can not only help you at tax time, but can be a great way to bring much needed change to our planet.  Volunteer as a family to ensure you raise green kids, even if the world isn’t as green as it should be. 

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Environmental charities and green causes that need your help

What do environmental organizations do?

Environmental organizations seek to protect, analyze, or monitor the environment.  Mostly, they are protecting it from misuse or degradation as a result of human activity.  Environmental organizations can be local, regional, or national depending on their reach.

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Finding the Best Environmental Causes to Support

It seems like at least 3 times a day I get a phone call from a charity organization asking for a donation. I am a naturally suspicious person so I refuse to give ANYONE money over the phone…I don’t care how legit they sound. My usual response is “I would love to consider your request if you can put some information in the mail for me to look through”. Then, I get the whole discussion of how expensive it is to send out information and can’t I just commit to $15 right now? Well, NO, I can’t! I’m sorry but I need a little bit more information about you before I send you my hard earned money.

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My husband works for the Federal Government and they have a very easy way to donate to charities. Once a year, they send home a HUGE book (about 2 to 3 inches thick) of legitimate charities to choose from. They rate each of these charities based on how much of the donation goes to the cause versus overhead as well as several other factors. They are categorized by type of charity so you can find a cause that touches your heart. My personal favorite is Appalachian Trail Conservancy ! The money then comes out of our paycheck (pretax) and goes right to the cause. At the end of the year we get a statement to bring to our tax people for a tax deduction.

Environmental Charities to Support


Environmental Charities Need Your Help

In the U.S alone there are over 100 MILLION registered charites. In Canada there are 200,000 and in England 170,000. There was no figure that I could find for the total number of worldwide charities but it has got to be HUGE. Can you imagine how much could be accomplished if everyone in this world picked just one cause to support? Go ahead, what do you want YOUR cause to be this year?
I am a firm believer that every single individual and corporation should volunteer something to charity. If all you can afford is a few dollars, that would go a long way towards helping those in need. If you can’t afford even that small amount, how about donating your time to a local food bank?
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Obviously, I am passionate about environmental issues (gee, ya think?) so I wanted to put together a list of environmental causes who’s focus is strictly the planet itself. Some are huge and well known…others you may never heard of before. If the environment isn’t an issue you’re passionate about, find a different one! There are millions to choose from, you just have to pick ONE! 
You can see a huge list of Environmental Charities at the Charity Navigator’s website, these are just a few that really stood out to me, personally. The links will take you to the Charity Navigator’s informational page on each charity and from there you can access the individual websites.

Environmental Causes You Might Consider          


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Research Green Causes Before Giving!

Be sure to check out the Better Business Bureau’s list of charities before making a donation! And PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT supporting or promoting any of these environmental causes. There are a few environmental activists out there who are a little bit too extreme in their dedication to the cause! I just wanted to encourage everyone to stop and think about what THEY are passionate about and to find a charity that supports it. Whether it is breastfeeding awareness (another one of my many causes) or your passionate need to save some obscure disappearing language…lend a hand or a dollar to make a difference

And remember, if you are short on cash but still want to make a difference, volunteer for a green cause in your area.  Or, start fundraising for environmental causes and donate your earnings to environmental charities you all agree on.  Every little bit helps!



11 thoughts on “Environmental Causes to Support With Your Time and Money”

  1. Good to know Diane! Thanks for sharing it with us. I now know where I can look for a legitimate charity to donate to.

  2. I linked to Twitter and Facebook. I think it is worth a moment to think about what each of us is passionate about and where we want to give our time and money. I support Cancer Research, the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, and The United Methodist Church on a regular basis and my sponsored child at World Vision. My husband supports Veterans programs since he is a vet. Together we make a concious effort to give to others and it makes a difference. Thanks for posting this thought provoking topic. Today many are in need in our own backyards. It doesnt take much effort to find somewhere or someone in need.

  3. I’m with you. Doctors Without Borders FTW. I never thought about finding a website or something that does the same thing as that book you’re talking about.

  4. I’m usually a sucker for anything related to children’s causes. And I always support friends who are fundraising – just did that last night when I saw a coworker post it on FB. Happy Thursday!

  5. Excellent post, Diane! I am the same way. I want to help in any way that I can, but with so many scams out there it is hard to know who or what to trust. I never donate over the phone either. Great links and thanks for this post!

  6. I don’t donate to many charities these days because too much is going to paychecks instead of to help people. However, I do volunteer at a local food bank. Thanks for sharing!

  7. There are so many ways to help out these days! I guess the problem is that so many people have been burned in the past…that SO ruins what charities are trying to do today!! I love the Arbor Day Foundation…great cause!

  8. Great post. I usually support different environmental groups, Sierra Club, and one you have listed, The Nature Conservancy. My husband also volunteered at a pet food pantry this summer.


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