The Artisan Soda Workshop

If you have a weakness for soda, The Artisan Soda Workshop is a great solution. I have tried to curb my soda habit. It’s not the healthiest beverage to be drinking on a daily basis. I have switched to natural soda as much as possible but have you ever seen the price for a 6 pack of natural soda? WOW! Not cheap! So, along comes a book for making natural soda at home and I am intrigued! Read on for more information about how you can make your own natural soda and my review of The Artisan Soda Workshop.

The Artisan Soda Workshop

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Title:  The Artisan Soda Workshop

Subtitle:  75 Homemade Recipes from Fountain Classics to Rhubarb Basil, Sea Salt Lime, Cold-Brew Coffee and Much Much More

Author:  Andrea Lynn

ISBN:  978-1612430676

Publisher:  Ulysses Press; Original edition (July 31, 2012)

Format/Length:  paperback 144 pages

My Rating: 5


From the Publisher:

People love soda. But why settle for the corn syrup-sweetened, artificially flavored, mass-produced brands available in stores when one can easily create customized, organic, fabulously fizzy creations that are as fun to make as they are delectable to drink? With over 25 beautiful color photos, The Artisan Soda Workshop guides readers into a new culinary world with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect glass of pop. The palate-pleasing, thirst-quenching flavors mix a wide range of exotic ingredients including fruits, herbs, and spices — many not traditionally used in soda. Thanks to the home-brewing process described in this book, it’s simple to adjust the amount of sugar and intensity of flavor to create beverages that delight the maker, family members, and party guests alike.

Artisan Soda Review:

The Artisan Soda Workshop is a cute little book that is jam packed full of good recipes. The author starts out with a brief introduction that includes information about why you would want to make your own soda. She stresses the natural ingredients in homemade soda and the fact that you can control just how much sugar you want to put in it. There is a section on the basic tools you will need for making the syrups (potato masher, strainer, etc). The author recommends a Soda Stream unit for making the sodas but points out that you can use store bought seltzer water. You don’t NEED one for these recipes but it makes them a lot easier to make and more convenient.

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The Artisan Soda Recipes

I love that the recipes use all sorts of different sweeteners. That includes agave, honey, raw cane syrup, maple syrup or regular sugar. They each have their own characteristics when it comes to flavor. The author starts out with ‘basic’ soda flavors like cola, lemon-lime, etc. It quickly moves into unique pairings like kumquat with rosemary or blackberry lavender. When you are making your own natural sodas, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to flavors!

Tips for Making Natural Soda at Home

Along with traditional syrups there are also things like aqua frescas, shrubs, and even some concentrates for adding to alcoholic drinks like the Hot Buttered Bourbon. You can use the syrups for icecream floats, cocktails, or many other drinks. Personally, I think some of them would go great just drizzled over a bowl of oatmeal!

There are several very attractive photos scattered throughout the book and the recipes are very easy to follow. If you are interested in switching to a more natural diet but don’t see yourself giving up soda, I think you will really appreciate this book!



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  1. I have to agree with you on the natural soda thing. They are super expensive and I just can’t get into the taste of most. This book looks like it would be a fun one to try out!


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