The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible

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The Vegetable Gardeners Bible contains everything a gardener needs to know! Join Ed Smith and hundreds of thousands of happy gardeners who are using the W-O-R-D system to grow their own delicious, abundant, organic vegetables.

Vegetable Gardeners Bible

Title: The Vegetable Gardeners Bible
Author: Edward C. Smith
Genre: Gardening
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Pages:336 (paperback)

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About The Vegetable Gardeners Bible

Already loved for its friendly advice, vegetable specific information, and unwavering commitment to organic methods, America’s best selling vegetable gardening book now covers more plants and offers smart new solutions for small space and extended season gardening.

The Vegetable Gardeners Bible Review

The W-O-R-D system stands for Wide rows, Organic methods, Raised beds, and Deep soil. This book contains everything a gardener needs to know! Over half the book is on all the different aspects of planning your garden…there is extensive information on building raised beds and planning the garden layout, learning how to compost, crop rotation, and more. There is even a small section on how to do a worm census in your garden!

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I had truly never thought about counting the worms in a section of garden to determine it’s health but it makes sense! Worms like healthy, moist, organic gardens with lots of stuff for them to break down. If your soil isn’t healthy, they LEAVE! Whats good for the worms is good for the plants, right? And the more worms you have, the more material they break down and the more they aerate the soil which is also important for your garden to grow! So maybe I need to go count worms if my plants aren’t doing well!

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The one thing I really loved about this book was the extensive chapters on PESTS. There are color pictures of all the most common bugs that will destroy your garden, along with pictures of the egg and/or larval stage so if you see one in your garden you can get rid of it! The author makes the note that for as long as plants have been around, so have the pests and it is only when they become detrimental the the health of the plant do we need to worry about them.

As he mentions in the book, you will NEVER be rid of every one of them! In addition to the bug problems, the author discusses bacterial and viral diseases and larger problems like raccoons, deer, and rabbits.

The last half of the book is dedicated to the plants you will grow in your garden. The section is arranged alphabetically and for each plant there is information on that plant’s particular growing conditions (soil acidity, nutrient requirements, etc), how to sow the seeds, available varieties, how and when to harvest, best storage conditions, and a ton of other information.

The selection of plants that is included ranges from the common tomato to odd things like Salsify (which, to be honest, I have NO idea what it is!). If you want to grow it, I am pretty sure you will find it in this book!

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All in all, this is a GREAT book for any gardener (or wanna be gardener!).



  1. I’ve heard this is a great book! Thanks for bringing it back to my attention.

  2. Story Publishing has so many great books! I have their Raising Animals Guides, and reread them all the time. I am hopeful to read this book as well.

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  10. I’d love to read the compost guide, but the one about blending your own herbal teas really got my attention, too!

    I got The Backyard Homestead for Christmas, and have gotten tons of good info from it.

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