Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook

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Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook contains 250 flourless, dairyless, low temperature, low fat, low salt, living food vegetarian recipes. This cookbook would be great for someone dedicated to removing dairy, wheat, and meat from their diets.

Title: Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook
ISBN: 978-1878736864
Author: Steve Meyerowitz
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
Genre: cookbook
Pages: 322 pages (paperback)

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About Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook

The information in this book includes: Dairy – the Pros and Cons. Making Sprout Bread. How to Dehydrate Foods. Charts on Nutrition, Sprouting, and Food Drying. Comparisons of Conventional and Whole Foods. Low Fat/Low Salt Diet. How to be a Healthy Vegetarian. Glossary of Health Foods. Complete Sprouting Guide. Low Temperature Cooking.

About Steve Meyerowitz :

Steve Meyerowitz began his journey to better health in 1975 to correct a lifetime condition of allergies and asthma. After 20 years of disappointment with orthodox medicine, he restored his health through diet and fasting. He ate 100% live foods for 5 years, practiced fruitarianism, a diet of fruit, nuts, and sprouted seeds and fasted on raw juices for as long as 100 days.

Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook

Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook Review

This book contains 250 flourless, dairyless, low temperature, low fat, low salt, living food vegetarian recipes. I am a person who has a love affair with cheese and baked goods so I was interested to see what options would be out there should my two favorite food groups suddenly disappear.

I know a lot of people have food allergies to dairy and gluten or might have health reasons why they must reduce fat and salt intake so this book would be an excellent choice for such a lifestyle.

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Truthfully, I never considered sprouts to be anything but a salad or sandwich topping. Tasty, crunchy, but what else do you do with them? According to this book you can use them to make ‘breads and cookies’ that are baked at low temperatures for extended amounts of time to dry them out/cook them.

There is a very large chapter on how to do this but I must be honest and say that it just doesn’t sound very tasty. Of course, if I could not eat traditional breads and cookies I would certainly give it a shot!

Nuts and seeds play a huge role in this diet and there are recipes for nut milks, nut yogurts (really?), seed based cheeses and even salad dressings. These recipes all looked rather easy to make and being dairy free would be beneficial to a lot of people!

There is an interesting couple of pages on making your own natural sodas with sparkling water, fruit juices, and natural flavors. I can honestly say, I do not think I have ever seen this type of information included in a cookbook before.

Overall, this cookbook would be great for someone dedicated to removing dairy, wheat, and meat from their diets. A lot of good suggestions and recipes to begin a vegan and gluten free lifestyle. Personally, while I might use some of these recipes in my own traditional diet, I don’t think I am ready to take leap into giving up real cheese, bagels, or meat.

I might, however, use this book to make natural sodas or give homemade almond milk a try.

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