Weekend Camping Adventure on Lake Hartwell in North Georgia

Well, we had a great weekend camping adventure on Lake Hartwell in North Georgia with the Cub Scouts. If you haven’t tried your hand at camping as a family yet, I highly recommend it. We are lucky that camping in Georgia can pretty much be done all year round. We have a few chilly months in the winter but they aren’t horrible. Camping is a great way to bond as a family and it makes for a great outdoor adventure!

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Weekend Camping Adventure in Lake Hartwell, Georgia

Our Weekend Camping Adventure

We stayed at Camp Rotary on Lake Hartwell and had a tent site on a small peninsula surrounded by water. It was a beautiful site with lots of flat spots for the tents, fire pits, picnic tables and a nice 5 foot long snake. He stayed in the tree, we warned the kids to stay away from him.

We coexisted relatively peacefully and reminded them of a few wildlife safety tips that they need to remember.

We also warned the kids to stay out of the water. No swim certified adults with us and the weather wasn’t great so NO SWIMMING. Okay, we said, you may take off your shoes and roll up your pants and get your feet wet but NO SWIMMING.

Right. That didn’t work so well. “I slipped, mom!” Uh, right! Good thing I brought an extra set of clothes! We spent a fair amount of time hiking instead of swimming.

Communing with Trees

My biggest complaint about the campsite was the lack of bathrooms. I didn’t mind the hike to the latrines so much but only 2 of the 4 toilets worked and we had to share with another group that was camping up there, too.

And they had SHOWERS! Who showers when camping for the weekend? And really, when you hike that distance to pee only to find both bathrooms occupied by people showering… Communing with trees for my bathroom break was starting to look like a good choice.

outdoor cooking

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Outdoor Cooking

My favorite part of our weekend camping adventure was outdoor cooking! Weird, huh? But we had a “Souper Bowl” cook off one night for dinner and had the boys be the judges. Our Cincinnati Chili won third place! (recipe is coming soon!)

A fine dinner was enjoyed by all and included Perogies (great camping food!), lots of different soups and chilis, and of course hot dogs grilled over the fire. I recommend NOT putting a 10 year old boy in charge of hot dog cooking!

They got a little sidetracked by something and we ended up eating slightly charred hot dogs. Oh, well, they were still tasty! We also at a lot of trail food and s’mores!

My Favorite Part of Camping

And, last but not least, there is nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of coffee made by my hubby while listening to the sounds of nature…

The birds chirping before the sun came up (4:30 AM! $%^# birds!), the millions of inchworms falling on our tent (honest! there was some weird infestation of our campsite!), and the crackling of the fire were also a few fine sounds we heard interspersed between the screams of young boys (and girls!) as they created havoc! I love camping! Have a weekend camping adventure you want to share?

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  1. (4:30 AM! $%^# birds!), OMG you are hysterical! lol! This…and the inchworms/BUGS are the precise reason why I do NOT camp. lol


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