Unplug your kids for family game night!

I am the first person to admit I am addicted to my electronic gadgets. I watch TV while I surf the web, listed to my ipod when I go for a walk, read books on my iphone while I stir dinner on the stove. I move fast and multitask. It is HARD for me to sit still and relax. However, I try hard to make time to spend with the kids and my husband without the distraction of electronics as often as possible. A quiet dinner, a bedtime story (yes, even at 9 and 11 they still ask sometimes!) or family game night are great opportunities to reconnect and laugh (and yes, even argue…in a good natured way of course!)

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I was lucky to be chosen to review the new Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowls. These are not yet available in stores but you can find them in Walmart starting on February 20th! The theory behind the new bowl shape is that you can actually pop the popcorn, pull of the plastic top and eat the popcorn right out of the container without having to get a bowl. The bag system that most other popcorns currently use does not stand up by itself and if 2 people reach for it at the same time, no one is getting in that bag!

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The popcorn only took 2 minutes to pop…just enough time for us to set up our game! I am not sure there is QUITE as much popcorn in this bowl as in a traditional bag? Maybe we were just really hungry but the 4 of us went through this stuff FAST! There were very few kernels left in the bottom of the bag when we were done eating, which is nice. I received the extra butter flavor which was very buttery and salty. I hope they offer this bowl technology with their natural popcorn because I think I would prefer this variety a little more. The bowl got emptied quickly, though, so it is very tasty.
The poor pup just did not understand why no one was paying any attention to HER. I mean, look, she sits so pretty just waiting for her very own piece of popcorn. She eventually got some…we just couldn’t say no to that cute little face!
We decided to play Aggravation. Ever play this game? Basically, you have to move your little marbles all the way from start, around the board, and back to your own home base without getting sent back to start by your children who want to get back at  you for grounding them for those three 70’s and 2 behavior reports they brought home last week. Vindictive little children 🙂  I told them the next time they sent mommy back to home base they could cook their OWN dinner!
Part of the fun of playing games together as a family is arguing about the rules, right? Can you jump your own marble? Can you get into home base on any number or do you have to wait till you can move an exact number of spaces? Daddy is in charge of the rules because he is getting the most aggravated in this game of Aaggravation!
I think she is just a LITTLE too happy that she won that game! Of course, one game took almost 45 minutes! I think there was even a happy dance! Now, it is time to send the kids to bed, grab a glass of wine and recover from the whooping that I took in that game! I think I still had marbles left in ‘start’ when Emily won! Next family game night we are going to choose a game I am better at. I think Yahtzee…
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