10 Uses for Aloe Vera Gel You Probably Never Thought Of

Last week I wrote a post about how to extract aloe from an aloe vera plant. It wasn’t hard…just a tad slimy and time consuming. Now that I know I can do it, I wanted to find other uses for aloe vera. Aloe vera gel has always been my go to solution to a kitchen burn or bug bite but what else can I use this stuff for? If you have an aloe plant at home and want to learn a few other uses for aloe vera gel, here are a few suggestions:

Uses for Aloe Vera Gel

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Uses for Aloe Vera You Probably Never Though Of!
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  •  Use it in a sugar scrub for your feet:  I love making homemade sugar scrubs so I cant want to try this one. Combine 2 TBSP aloe vera gel, 2 TBSP sugar, and a tsp of lemon juice. Scrub your heels and other rough foot spots to smooth your feet. Aloe is supposedly a good treatment for Athlete’s Foot.
  • Use it as a hair treatment:  Aloe will help cut back on dandruff and make your hair smoother. Apply to freshly shampooed hair and work into scalp. Let sit a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • Acne treatment:  Rub a small amount of aloe vera gel on a pimple to alleviate redness and speed healing.
  • Homemade mouthwash: Combine 1 cup aloe vera juice, ½ cup distilled water, 2 teaspoons baking soda, and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. Swish this in your mouth for a few minutes and spit out. DO NOT SWALLOW!
  • Eye care:  Refrigerate your aloe vera gel. Soak a cotton ball in it and lay it on your closed eyelids. This will help reduce puffiness and sooth tired eyes. You can also use aloe vera gel as a natural makeup remover.

Uses for Aloe Vera Gel

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  • Make an aloe-based natural hand sanitizer:  The aloe in the hand sanitizer will help keep your hands from drying out due to the alcohol.
  •  Create a natural shaving cream: Aloe vera gel is antibacterial, which is great for small nicks. It is also slippery, giving you a nice close shave; and it moisturizes your skin, too.
  • Strengthen Nails:   Massage aloe vera gel on your nails every day for a few weeks to improve and strengthen nails.
  • Use it internally for better health (but use caution!):  There are many medicinal uses for aloe vera gel. Use caution and consult your physician before adding aloe vera gel to your diet.
  •  Personal Lubricant:  According to the research I did on uses for aloe vera gel, you can use it as a personal lubricant during sex. It keeps things slippery and soothes tender tissues. I have zero personal experience with this and have no idea if it is condom compatible but just thought I would share!

Have any other uses for aloe vera gel to share?


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  1. Woah. I had no idea you could use aloe in so many things. I’m totally going to try making a natural hand sanitizer. I hate the ones loaded with alcohol that just dry out your skin.


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