What is the State of Well Being in a World Obsessed with Numbers?

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My husband and I are lucky to have a decent health insurance plan that offers free yearly physicals. I am a firm believer in yearly checkups, even if there is nothing technically ‘wrong’ with me so I go regularly. The doctors poke and prod at me, draw blood, ask a million questions, take all my vital statistics and in the end, send me out the door with a summary of everything they learned during their evaluation. Looking at these numbers, I find myself wondering what they mean in the grand scheme of things. Have I achieved well being? And what exactly does that mean? As part of my Ricola throat drops ambassadorship, I was asked ‘what is the state of well being?’ and I realized how much more that means than a collection of numbers on a lab report.

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What is the State of Well Being in a World Obsessed with Numbers?
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What is the State of Well Being?

The definition of well being is the state of being comfortable, happy and healthy. Society and the medical profession give us plenty of data to allow us to measure ‘healthy’. Numbers like the weight on a scale, our blood pressure, cholesterol levels and white blood cell count define our health. But, how do we measure happy and comfortable? What is the state of well being when it comes to our happiness or our comfort levels? While those guidelines vary from one person to another, I think it is safe to say that happiness cannot be measured as easily as our blood pressure. 

A state of well being

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Summer is the perfect time to ask yourself ‘what is the state of well being?’ in relation to your own life. The kids are out of school, the days are long and the commitments are generally few compared the the chaos of winter holidays and spring sports leagues. How do you maintain well being during summer months?

How to improve well being without focusing on the numbers:

Eat healthy, not because it will lower your cholesterol or help you lose a few pounds. Fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant during the peak of summer and eating healthy gives us energy. Sure, you may lose a few pounds by eating more salads but what you GAIN is energy, a healthy glow and a more positive outlook on life. You cannot achieve true well being without providing your body the nutrients it needs to thrive.

The meaning of well being

Reconnect with family and remember why you love them even when they annoy you to death! I have teenagers and yeah….they annoy me quite a bit! I think they make it their mission in life to drive me absolutely insane. But, when I ask myself  “what is the state of well being?” the answer definitely includes finding time to spend with my family. Trying to be alone and achieving well being is very difficult. I need a reminder of that some days but hopefully our upcoming family vacation will remind me how truly lucky I am to be surrounded by annoying teenagers!

What is the State of Well Being in a World Obsessed with Numbers?


Reconnect with nature for improved well being. Trees and plants are simple in their requirements for true well being. They need the right nutrients, strong roots, a healthy environment and protection from things that might hurt them. Those are the same things humans need to achieve true well being. Focus on bringing those things into your life this summer and ditch the things that don’t nurture your body and soul.

Spend time outside and soak up the sun. Okay, I know that the doctors tell us that sun is bad for us but in moderation, enjoying the rays of the sun helps with vitamin D production which plays a part in improving our mood. Not to mention the fact that just feeling that warmth on your face is enough to improve well being all by itself.

How to improve well being and Ricola Swiss Herb Throat Drops

Put fun on your to do list because you cannot achieve well being without it. While paying the bills and running errands may be a necessity of life, true well being can only be achieved when we cut loose and have fun occasionally. Our inner spirit does not thrive on balancing the checkbook or mopping the floor. True happiness can only be achieved by having fun, preferably with people we love! Our summer so far has included exciting things like white water rafting, camel riding, outdoor music festivals and trips to the farmer’s market. Find your own version of fun this summer to achieve true well being!

What is the State of Well Being in a World Obsessed with Numbers?

The long days of summer are the perfect time to make well being a priority. Ricola aims to spread well being everywhere it goes and encourages you to get out and enjoy the out of doors this month. Of course, make sure you bring along all the things you need to ensure your PHYSICAL well being as well. Things like sunscreen, plenty of water, bug spray and Ricola swiss herb throat drops. Nature loves to throw things like pollen and germs at you so tuck a few Ricola herb drops in your purse for emergencies!


How will YOU improve your well being this month?

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  1. Oh my goodness, we have been huge fans of Riccola for years. I grew up grabbing a bag every time that little tickle started in my throat. LOL. I love this post, by the way. A great reminder to slow down and enjoy life

  2. These are wonderful tips! I love spending time outdoor with my family too. We should all focus more on our well being and focus less on the numbers. I am glad you mentioned Riccola! I love this brand.

  3. Touché!! We’ve changed a lot with our whole lifestyle recently and are letting go of the ‘numbers’. Not sure our doctors will agree but we feel great and all things are improving!


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