What to Know About Yoga Before Your First Class

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For the last several years, I have been trying to make time to do more yoga.  I have invested in more yoga pants, mats, blocks and accessories than I care to admit.  I have tried doing yoga in my family room in front of the television, in our neighborhood fitness class and at the gym.  I have yet to fall in love with it but have come to appreciate it for its’ many health benefits.  It is amazing how much of a workout your muscles get just by standing in Warrior pose for a few minutes.  I have discovered over the years that yoga is more than just an exercise.  It is a culture…a way of life, almost, that has an amazingly dedicated following.  If you are just getting started, it can be overwhelming.  Read below for some tips on what to know about yoga before your first class and learn how the Yogi Surprise subscription box can provide you a monthly mini yoga retreat in a box!

Things to Know About Yoga Before Your First Class

What to Know About Yoga Before Your First Class

Be prepared or you will not have fun: You need to show up at your first yoga class in loose, comfortable clothing with a yoga mat in hand.  Some yoga studios provide mats for you but honestly, if someone’s sweaty body has been all over it, I’d rather use my own.  Do not eat a big meal before you go or some positions will not be at all comfortable.  Big meals may also make you sleepy and falling asleep while in corpse pose will have the rest of the class snickering at you.  Do not drink a gallon of water before attempting your fist yoga class.  Having to pee makes balancing on one foot particularly difficult.  Show up at your first class comfortable and with a few basic supplies.


What to know about yoga:  practice makes perfect!

You will probably look stupid at first.  And that is totally okay:  Unlike running, which is a relatively easy form to achieve, yoga takes a lot of practice.  Yes, some of the poses are easier than others.  Child’s pose is by far my favorite pose because I can relax and there is absolutely zero balancing required.  However, it also requires little work so it doesn’t do much in terms of fitness.  Typically, the harder the pose is to achieve, the more it works your muscles…or at least that is my impression so far! Don’t worry about what everyone else looks like or if they are secretly laughing at you.  They might be.  Or, they might be fondly remembering how stupid THEY looked when they first started.  This is YOUR journey, not theirs, and every journey has to start somewhere.  Practice the moves at home in between classes and you will progress faster.

Meditation beads

Yoga is more than just being bendy: Just because someone resembles Gumbi in their ability to bend themselves into a pretzel, doesn’t mean they are ‘better’ at yoga than you are.  Yoga is about more than the physical poses.  It is a state of mind and being that goes beyond what your body can accomplish.  I find the mental aspects of yoga incredibly challenging. You need to learn to switch off your mind and reach for inner peace.  Focus on your breathing and being in the here and now.  I will say that meditation beads are a popular way to draw the mind away from your life troubles and towards tranquility.  They come in many styles and colors and are often part of the Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box subscription.

What to know about yoga:  It’s great for kids!

What to Know About Yoga

You may hate your instructor before you learn to love her:  Finding the right yoga instructor can be challenging.  There are several at my gym and I definitely like one more than the others.  As I stood in tree pose a few month ago, I listed to my yoga instructor talk to us about gentle winds blowing through our branches and I wanted to reach out and smack her.  My ‘tree’ looked like it was enduring hurricane force winds as I balanced precariously on one foot and wobbled around sideways trying not to fall down.  The right yoga instructor will challenge you but encourage you at the same time.  It’s not her fault I have no balance, right?  You will probably pray she cuts class short by 15 minutes but thank her profusely when she works you 10 minutes longer than class really is.  It’s a love/hate relationship you will come to enjoy.

What to Know About Yoga

Yoga is a lifestyle that you will get sucked into: Yoga is more about sitting on a mat and turning yourself into a sweaty pretzel.  It is a lifestyle of mindfulness that honestly, more people should really start adapting.  Be mindful of your health and wellbeing.  Be mindful of the world around you.  And be mindful of how your actions affect others.  Eat healthy, be kind to others and tread lightly on this planet.  They are all important things to consider while you are meditating at the end of class.  There is a whole new world open to you when you start yoga!  Check out the Yogi’s Journal section of Yogi Surprise for some great reading material on green, healthy and mindful living.  The have more information on what to know about yoga as well as general health tips and ways to live green.

What to Know About Yoga

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What to Know About Yoga

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What to Know About Yoga


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  1. I have tried yoga before and I was absolutely terrible at it. I think I need to start slow or the next time I try doing it LOL.
    • You should think in terms of being "terrible" or "good" at yoga. Just forget about that and concentrate on being in the poses. I spent 8 years in beginners class. I am not physically graceful and have a terrible sense of direction. At 63, now approaching 20 years of yoga, I can stand on my head in the middle of the room but that's not the point. The balance and flexibility that has gradually come with practicing yoga will give me advantages in old age that I couldn't possibly have acquired any other way. So my advice is, don't be afraid to be bad at yoga. Just practice and benefits will come naturally.
      • I am so self conscious in yoga class and I know I shouldn't be. I really just need to not worry about what other people are thinking!
  2. Boy oh boy did I need to read this! I've been wanting to start yoga and even bought a couple of DVDs. I'm thinking I need to find a class to get the ball rolling.
    • Comcast has a whole yoga channel if you have them! I do it in my living room when I have no time to get to the gym.
  3. I have never tried Yoga, but I think it is because I am slightly intimidated by it. Glad you shared this as it gave me a bit more insight!
  4. Amy Desrosiers says:
    There are yoga classes at our gym that I would love to take. My only fear is that I would look dumb until I got into it!
  5. I really want to start Yoga. These are great tips. I would never have thought about not drinking too much first!

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