What to Look For in a Natural Face Wash

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Many years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, I realized how sensitive our bodies are to synthetic ingredients. From growth hormones in milk to artificial fragrances in beauty products, I started doing some research.

Slowly, as my knowledge increased, I started being more conscious of the products I was eating as well as those I used in my beauty routine. If you are just getting started on your journey to natural living, you may have a few questions about choosing the best natural beauty products.

When I was contacted by Puristry to introduce their natural face wash and moisturizer, I was happy to help. If you are looking for tips on how to choose a natural face wash, here are a few guidelines to follow.

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Tips for Choosing a Natural Face Wash

The best natural face wash for your skin can be tricky to find. Here are a few things to look for when you start your search:

  1.  Look for the USDA organic seal:  This is hard to find sometimes since a lot goes into organic certification. Puristry is USDA organic certified which means there are no pesticide residues in their products. It also means they contain no synthetic ingredients.
  2. Choose ingredients based on your skin type:  Natural face wash contains only natural ingredients but that doesn’t mean they work perfectly for every skin type. Some skin types need gentle cleansing. Others might need more astringent, oil cleansing properties. Know your skin type and particular skin care needs before choosing your natural face wash.
  3. Look beyond the front label:  Don’t fall for tempting marketing claims. Turn over the package and look at the actual ingredient list. Do you recognize the ingredients? You should not see a ton of things that you don’t recognize.
  4. Check for allergies:  People have allergic reactions to natural ingredients, just like they do to synthetic ones. To ensure that a product is safe for your skin, try a patch test. Put a small amount of the product on the underside of your arm. If you don’t notice a reaction after 24 hours, it is generally safe to use.
  5. Choose the right supporting products:  After you wash, even with a natural face wash, you need to rehydrate your skin. You may also need to spot treat problem areas with an acne cream, an eye gel, or astringent for clogged pores. Understand your skin and it’s particular needs when designing your skincare routine.

How to find the right natural face wash

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Puristry Natural Beauty Products

Puristry natural beauty products are unique from other similar products currently on the market. Yes, these products are natural, but the deeper focus is about understanding the chemistry in natural ingredients.

 Susie Wang, the creator of this natural beauty product line, understands and utilizes each plant or ingredient’s unique biology, and formulates the products based on that knowledge. Susie’s vision for Puristry stems from a single hero ingredient focus per product for clean, condensed, specific results.

There are small amounts of supporting ingredients in each product, however, the primary ingredient is what does all the heavy lifting in each formula.

Nopal Cactus Cleanser

Puristry Nopal Cactus Cleanser

Puristry  Nopal Cactus Cleanser is an extra gentle cleanser made from concentrated prickly pear and nopal cactus extracts. They are known for their deeply hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and skin-calming properties.

This natural face wash gently washes away dullness, revealing a healthy and glowing complexion. It has a light, fresh scent and washes cleanly off the skin. I love that it is organic and has such simple ingredients!

Natural Beauty Products from Puristry

Puristry Seaberry Moisturizer

After washing your face, even with a natural face wash, you need to rehydrate your skin. Puristry Seaberry Moisturizer is a great follow-up to your natural skin care routine. It is a concentrated formula of seaberry fruit and contains 50+ nourishing phytonutrients.

It helps to increase the vitality, health, and radiance of your complexion. This moisturizer has a lightweight feel to it and a fresh scent. It absorbed very quickly into my skin and did not leave it feeling sticky at all. You can use it under makeup without any issues.

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