Tips for Choosing Green Beauty Products

Summer is finally here and with it comes several changes to our beauty regimen. When the warm weather hits we spend more time outdoors, often at the pool or in shorts and flip-flops, as well as more time traveling and visiting with friends and family. To keep your summer beauty routine environmentally friendly while on-the-go check out my tips for choosing green beauty products!

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Green and Sustainable Beauty Products Perfect for Summer

Tips for Choosing Green Beauty Products

Green beauty products are a complicated topic. Are they made with natural ingredients? Do they come in eco friendly packaging?  Are they safe for our waterways?  Sustainable beauty brands encompass many of these factors.  Do a little bit of research before you buy any natural beauty product!

natural soap bars

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Look for Organic Ingredients

Look for green beauty products that contain organic or natural ingredients. Remember, what you put on your skin gets absorbed into the rest of your body as well, so making sure your skincare products are simple and natural is important. Look for soaps made with natural oils and butter, hair care that is scented with essential oils, and lotions that use natural plant extracts.

Buy Reusable Containers

When traveling, purchase reusable beauty containers for your shampoo and conditioners instead of buying small travel sized disposable products. You will save yourself a considerable amount of money and will be able to reuse the containers on every vacation you take.

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Make Your Own Green Beauty Products

Consider making some of your own beauty care products. Use ingredients that are already in your pantry or that are easily found at your grocery store to create your own inexpensive and organic, beauty products.

Homemade foot scrub recipe:  

•Just heat 1/2 cup organic coconut oil in a glass container for 15 seconds in the microwave.
•Add 1 cup of sugar and 1/2 tsp of essential oil and mix well.
•Use this on your feet to moisturize and exfoliate.

Skip the Individually Wrapped Products

Buy in larger containers if you know you are going to use a lot of a product. For example, individually wrapped hand sanitizing wipes might be convenient, but they create an awful lot of waste. Choose a large tub of wipes instead.

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Recycle Packaging

Make sure you recycle or reuse your packaging! Whether it is the box your bar of soap came in, the plastic shampoo bottle or the empty can of shaving cream, your beauty routine would have a much smaller ecological footprint if you chose to recycle all of the packaging (check out my post on how to recycle old soap, too!) (check out my post on how to recycle old soap, too!)! Check out my upcycled DIY gift box idea for reusing packaging material. 

What is green beauty? It is the idea that we no longer have to sacrifice our health or the environment to look and feel beautiful. Green beauty brands to detoxify your life and minimize your carbon footprint.  Now that summer is here, how have you changed your beauty routine?  Check out the Environmental Working Group if you are concerned about the ingredients in your beauty products. 


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