Need Altoids Tin Projects? Make a Tic-tac-toe Travel Game!

I always seem to have a tin of mints in my purse and my all time favorite brand is Altoids. This means that I have accumulated a large number of Altoid tins over the past few years. Rather than recycle all of these tins,  I have been trying to find ways to reuse them occasionally. There are a lot of creative ways to re-purpose Altoids tins like I did in my homemade lip balm post. I have been looking for other Altoids tin projects and I came up with a simple Tic-tac-toe travel game that takes only a few minutes to make. I am including a photo below that you are welcome to print out and reuse as  part of your own Tic-tac-toe travel game. To make this Tic-tac-toe travel game a bit more stable, glue small magnets to the base of each playing piece. That way if you hit a bump your pieces won’t go flying all over! This is a great little re-purposed game to keep in your purse for those moments when you are stuck in the carpool line with your kids or out at a restaurant with a particularly slow waiter. If you have any other creative Altoids tin projects that you would like to share, leave me a comment. I’m sure I will have another tin next month to find a creative use for.

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altoids tin projects

Altoids Tin Projects: Tic-tac-toe!


1 Altoids tin

1 printable Tic-tac-toe grid (see below)



1 small piece of scrapbook paper

spray adhesive

10 Tic-tac-toe pieces (5 pieces in each of 2 colors…you can use small stones painted black or white, small gems, or even fuzzy pompoms from the craft store)

small magnets (if desired) and hot glue for attaching to playing pieces



1. Wash and dry your Altoids tin

2. Print out the Tic-tac-toe image below or draw your own on a piece of white paper cut to fit inside the tin

3. Trace the Altoids tin onto the scrapbook paper and cut out using scissors

4. Spray the back of the scrapbook paper cutout with spray adhesive and press it into the lid of the Altoids tin

5. Spray adhesive onto the back of the Tic-tac-toe grid and press that into the base of the Altoids tin

6. If desired, hot glue small magnets onto the bottom of each playing piece to make them stick to the tin.

7. Let glue and adhesive dry before playing game. Check out Wikipedia for Tic-tac-toe rules!

tic tac toe

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10 thoughts on “Need Altoids Tin Projects? Make a Tic-tac-toe Travel Game!”

  1. What a fun and super CUTE idea! I love that it’s so simple and clever at the same time…will make great inexpensive stocking stuffers!

  2. I love the idea! I work in a classroom with Mild/Moderate Teenage boys and they love playing things like Tic Tac Toe and Uno. We also go on field trips quite a bit so this would be perfect to use up travel time! How creative!

  3. I think this is neat idea. I save my Altoid containers. I can not longer eat them as I am allergic to them for some odd reason but I still have about 8 large tins and 10 small tins. Thanks, Terri


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