Need Honey Recipes? Try The Fresh Honey Cookbook!

This post about honey recipes and the Fresh Honey Cookbook has been made possible by a book I received at no charge to review. I hope it comes in handy if you are looking for honey recipes! All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on the link and make a purchase I will receive a few pennies in return.

I am not a big believer in coincidences. A few weeks ago I received The Fresh Honey Cookbook: 84 Recipes from a Beekeeper’s Kitchen to review and in the same exact week I received a case of organic honey to review as well. That cannot be a coincidence…I am pretty sure there was a higher power at play there! Now I find myself browsing through dozens of honey recipes just trying to decide what to make first! Keep your eye on the blog in the coming week if you love honey as much as I do. You might find a few honey recipes to try in your own kitchen! But, first things first…how about a quick look at the cookbook I received to review? Then check out one of my favorite honey recipes before you go!

The Fresh Honey Cookbook

Need Honey Recipes? Try The Fresh Honey Cookbook!

Title:  The Fresh Honey Cookbook

Subtitle:  84 Recipes from a Beekeeper’s Kitchen

Author: Laurey Masterton

ISBN:  978-1612120515

Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC (September 10, 2013)

Format/Length: Paperback, 208 pages


From the Publisher:

Sweeten your table with 84 recipes inspired by honeybees, the food they pollinate, and the golden sweetener they produce. Highlighting a different honey varietal each month, beekeeper and chef Laurey Masterton offers honey-tasting tips and vibrant recipes that deliver amazing dishes, both savory and sweet. In every season, Laurey encourages a deeper appreciation of honeybees through fascinating glimpses into the life of a hive.

About the Author:

Laurey Masterson is a beekeeper, café owner, caterer, and chef/spokesperson for The National Honey Board. Through her speaking engagements, cooking demonstrations, and classes, she is constantly in front of large audiences enthusiastically teaching the benefits of using and eating local ingredients including honey. She grew up in Vermont and now lives in North Carolina where she runs Laurey’s Café.

Need Honey Recipes? Try The Fresh Honey Cookbook!

My Review:

My husband and I have wanted to raise bees for years but living in the burbs in a rather wooded neighborhood makes it a rather impracticable dream. Having grown up with an uncle who had hives for years, I have always been fascinated with beekeeping. Ms. Masterson’s book is more than just a cookbook. She gives you a look into the art of beekeeping in an honest and educational way. In the introduction, she shares her struggles with getting her hive strong and healthy. There is an amazing amount of information included in this book about things like how to taste honey (I did not know there was a special way to do this!) and the honey recipes are sorted by type of honey rather than traditional ‘appetizer’, ‘dessert’, etc. Instead of traditional chapters, this cookbook is divided into seasons and months, each one featuring a different kind of honey. Some were totally new to me like the Acacia honey and others like Tupelo and Orange blossom I am more familiar with. Each type of honey is described by color, smell, taste, and aftertaste. And, of course, all the months have something educational to learn about beekeeping, honey harvesting, beeswax, etc. The recipes themselves range from simple cookies to elegant pork tenderloin. None of the honey recipes in this book are particularly hard and I am definitely looking forward to trying a few over the coming weeks. If you do not have a wide selection of honey varieties near you, the author included a selection of online resources for you to shop at. However, you can be flexible with the honey recipes in this book. If you do not have one variety of honey you can substitute if for another without too much difference in flavor according to the author.

If you are looking for honey recipes and not sure where to start looking I would highly recommend you check out The Fresh Honey Cookbook for inspiration!

What are your favorite honey recipes?

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