Creating a Peaceful Backyard Space for the Perfect Place to Relax!

Yesterday, I looked at my yard and found the daffodils blooming. After a dreary winter, my picnic table needs cleaning off and my yard needs some serious maintenance. I am determined to start creating a peaceful backyard space when spring finally sets in full force.

My family spends a lot of time outside during the warm months of spring and summer. A cup of coffee during a morning fire or a glass of wine after dinner are great ways for us to relax together. We have worked hard to create a peaceful backyard space over the last few years, although it always seems to be a work in progress. Getting outside can be very relaxing, especially if you have a serene spot to enjoy. How do you turn that space behind your house into an oasis of calm? Here are just a few things for you to consider this spring as you create a place where you can put your feet up and relax after a stressful day of work and kids! I will include a few affiliate links for items that might help on your journey.

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How to Create a Peaceful Backyard Space

Creating a Peaceful Backyard Space


Ditch the Clutter

Nothing stresses me out more than seeing clutter all over my backyard. Remove unwanted tools, broken toys, or any other leftover STUFF that serves no purpose. Invest in a large storage shed to keep all the balls, buckets, and other toys so that they are easy to get to but not visually cluttered looking.

Feng Shui your space

Feng Shui is a Chinese design philosophy which is intended to promote healing and harmony. I’m not sure how well it actually WORKS but I think it helps create a visually appealing backyard. According to the concepts of Feng Shui, it is important to make sure you include all five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, in your design. For more information about using Feng Shui to create a peaceful backyard, check out  Feng Shui that Makes Sense – Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks

Creating a Peaceful Backyard Space

Add moving water

When you are deciding what sort of water element to add to your yard, consider one that actually moves. You can include a recirculating patio fountain, a pond with a small stream, or even just a whiskey barrel pond that has a recirculating pump on it. The sound of moving water is incredibly relaxing. It is also a great way to attract wildlife to your backyard. Birdwatching can be incredibly relaxing and a great hobby.

Wind Chimes and Creating a Peaceful Backyard Space


Invest in wind chimes

The tinkling sound of wind chimes singing in a light breeze can be incredibly relaxing. You can try making your own out of long, hollow bamboo rods or buy wind chimes made of glass or metal. You can also invest in wind mobiles that are completely silent but that are visually attractive like wind socks or flags.

Create a cozy gathering space

You won’t be tempted to actually use your peaceful backyard space if you have to drag out the lawn chairs every time you want to have a seat. Create a cozy space with a few inexpensive patio chairs and side tables so that you can have somewhere to sit and relax whenever the mood strikes.

Lanterns for Creating a Peaceful Backyard Space

Add mood lighting

Rather than use that back door flood light, consider adding a few candles, decorative lanterns or even a string of white Christmas lights along the fence.

Garden Decor and Creating a Peaceful Backyard Space

Give it a boost of eye-popping color

Color can brighten up your mood at the same time you are decorating your backyard. Add color with pretty flowers that will also scent the air as you sit back and enjoy your peaceful backyard space. Windsocks, glass tables, and garden decor are also great ways to add a burst of color to your yard.


Once you are done creating a peaceful backyard space, make sure you take a few moments every day to enjoy it! Life is short and every once in a while we need to stop and enjoy the moment we are actually IN rather than try to hurry up and plan the next one!

Have you been working at creating a peaceful backyard space? Any tips you would like to share?

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Tips for a Peaceful Backyard Space

Creating a Peaceful Backyard Space

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  1. I am taking up my grass in my little backyard to avoid my HOA from coming around to fertilize and put down pesticides. I’m going to take your advice to create a peaceful space. I’d love a little water garden but I worry about animals and mosquitos. But definitely raised beds and herb garden are on my list. It’ll be great to see bees and butterflies come by for food too.


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