How to Create a Backyard Oasis

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Want to learn how to create a backyard retreat?  This is a landscaping project my husband and I have been working on for a few years.  It’s a great place to relax outdoors, which we absolutely love.  Upgrading your patio is also a great way to encourage the whole family to spend more time outside.  I thought I’d share a few backyard oasis ideas so you can head outside and relax this summer. 

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How Do You Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space?  

I spend a lot of my time in our backyard and it feels almost like an extension of my house. It is a space for us to cook, spend time with the kids, play, relax with the pets, entertain, commune with nature, and enjoy the sun.

It is a functional outdoor space with items that are useful, although not all that attractive. But, we are working on changing that. 

We purchased our house 6 years ago and the previous owners offered to leave their patio furniture for us. While it was a thoughtful gesture,  the furniture is not in all that great of shape.

The material is faded, the once white table is covered with stains and we are starting to have to throw things away that are just beyond repair.  I love my patio and it is a great start but it has a way to go before it is truly a backyard dream space! 

How do you make an oasis in your back  yard?  From outdoor kitchen cabinets to attractive patio decor, start small and make small changes every year!

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Tips for Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Summer grilling is a huge part of what goes on in my back yard!  I love grilling in the summer because it helps keep the house from getting overheated with the oven on.  A DIY outdoor kitchen can be cheap or ridiculously expensive, depending on your budget (and your tastes!)

Here are a few tips for creating a functional yet beautiful outdoor patio space for cooking and eating:

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Have a level patio

Grills and tables do not do well on uneven surfaces.  Consider having pavers professionally installed and sealed.  This will go a LONG way towards the functionality of your backyard space, as well as it’s longevity. 

Between the sun, rain, and natural shifting of the soil, nature can be harsh on patios.  Here in the metro Atlanta area, Georgia Paver Restoration does installation AND renovation of existing pavers.  Head over to their site if you are interested in Atlanta paver installation

outdoor seating area and fire pit


Think Beyond the Grill for your backyard oasis!

While grilling is certainly fun (and delicious!), you can also cook in an outdoor fireplace or even a fire pit.  A large fire pit is also great for burning yard debris it.  You may also want to consider an outdoor oven.

Don’t forget outdoor storage areas:

Your outdoor kitchen might include counter tops and outdoor kitchen cabinets.  Stone or brick can be installed, however, there are many plastic outdoor storage cabinets that will also work. 

Image of a rustic outdoor kitchen area. on backyard patio

Consider outdoor sinks for water.

When creating your backyard oasis, you don’t want to have to constantly run inside for things you need.   Outdoor sinks can be hooked up to the hose or connected to the home’s water supply.

Good choices for your outdoor sink would be either stainless steel or ceramic. You can buy a stainless steel outdoor sink and never have to run inside to wash things off again!

Be careful with patio ceilings!

You might want to consider keeping your kitchen sheltered from the elements. If you are looking for covered outdoor kitchen ideas, be careful. Don’t install a ceiling over any area that will cook food or create heat.  Keep those areas uncovered and well ventilated. 

outdoor table on backyard patio with glass bottle and flowers

Design an Outdoor Eating Area

When you are deciding how to create a backyard oasis, outdoor kitchen ideas are a popular patio upgrade. Because when I cook I need a space for the family to enjoy the meal!

That means a table with plenty of space, chairs that are sturdy and won’t tip over when children get wiggly, and an umbrella to shield us from the sun when we eat our dinner.

Choose wisely.  White plastic may be cheap but I can tell you from experience that it shows every dirt stain imaginable and is not easy to keep clean.  


outdoor living space with grass and chairs in the morning light

Don’t Forget a Lounging Space

The patio isn’t all about eating so I want comfy chairs to hang out in around the fire pit with a glass of wine! They should be comfy but also need to be able to stand up to the strong southern sun and be easy to clean just in case critters decide to leave things on them that I don’t want to sit in! 

Decide before you buy whether or not you want to leave them outside year round.  If you have to bring them inside, you will need some muscle to move them, in addition to storage space inside. Learning how to create a backyard oasis is easy… but putting it into action can be a bit complicated!

outdoor flower pots on patio

Create a Garden Space

I want plants in my outdoor oasis or it isn’t much of an oasis to me! Planters for everything from flowers to veggies to a kitchen herb garden. I would like a few different ‘levels’ of plants…so this would include planters low to the ground but also higher levels for plants that like to drape themselves over the edge and hang like Morning Glories and some varieties of cucumbers.  

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two birds on shallow bird bath on patio


A Water Feature Creates an Oasis for BIRDS!

While we already have a koi pond on our patio, I would love to include more water features in our backyard oasis. The sound of running water is very relaxing and it also is a great way to attract wildlife to your backyard.

We always see birds, lizards, toads, etc all around the koi pond and plan to expand on this idea. We already have the perfect spot with an electrical outlet for the pump. Backyard water features can be as large as a koi pond with waterfall or as small as a bird bath with small water fountain

garden wind chime

Add a Bit of Whimsy in the Backyard

I tend to be a very practical person and that doesn’t usually lend well to decorating. I tend to see decorating as a luxury…not actually functional so therefore not necessary. This leads to a very BORING space sometimes!

Color and decor and FUN should all be part of your backyard space! Create a backyard oasis by adding wind chimes, garden decor, or other fun outdoor trinkets to your patio.

outdoor seating on a patio

Add MORE Outdoor Storage Space

Outdoor kitchen storage is great for YOU.  However, if you have kids, they will need a lot more! Having 2 kids means my garage was full of balls, bikes, toys, skates, bubbles and so much other junk I could not move without tripping over it.

Give the kids better access to their toys without actually have to look at all of the junk in your back yard. A nice large, closed container to hide all their stuff would be perfect!

Friends having beers by the bbq at a party, with meat smoking on the hot grill

Don’t Forget Outdoor Entertaining

We love to have company over so there needs to be space in our yard for guests and accessories that will make it easy to entertain our friends. Things like this patio cooler would be perfect for keeping drinks cold in the hot summer sun!

What is a backyard oasis? Well, that totally depends on your personality. It probably includes an inviting yard,  a mix of beautiful plants and shady nooks. Maybe a a resting spot and an area to entertain.

Whatever  you want to include in your dream backyard, get started now! Learn how to create a backyard oasis in your own home and spend more time outside.  And if you enjoyed this post, please check out my article on how to attract toads to your yard.

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