How to Create a Backyard Oasis

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Want to create a backyard oasis?  I know I certainly do!  Upgrading your patio is a great way to encourage the whole family to spend more time outside.  I thought I’d share a few tips on how to create a backyard oasis this year. 

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How Do You Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space?  

I spend a lot of my time in our backyard and it feels almost like an extension of my house. It is a space for us to cook, spend time with the kids, play, relax with the pets, entertain, commune with nature, and enjoy the sun. It is a functional space with items that are useful, although not all that attractive.

We purchased our house 6 years ago and the previous owners offered to leave their patio furniture for us. While it was a thoughtful gesture,  the furniture is not in all that great of shape. The material is faded, the once white table is covered with stains and we are starting to have to throw things away that are just beyond repair.  I love my patio and it is a great start but it has a way to go before it is truly a backyard dream space!

grilling out


Outdoor Cooking space: 

Summer grilling is a huge part of what goes on in my back yard! Sears has a great selection of grills, although ours is still in pretty good shape so this would have to be last on my list of wants. I love grilling in the summer because it helps keep the house from getting overheated with the oven on.

Eating space: 

I need a space for the family to enjoy the meal. That means a table with plenty of space, chairs that are sturdy and won’t tip over when children get wiggly, and an umbrella to shield us from the sun when we eat our dinner. Our current table and chairs are an absolute mess so this is definitely my number one priority when it comes to selecting patio decor!


outdoor living space with grass and chairs in the morning light

Lounging space: 

The patio isn’t all about eating so I want comfy chairs to hang out in around the fire pit with a glass of wine! They should be comfy but also need to be able to stand up to the strong southern sun and be easy to clean just in case critters decide to leave things on them that I don’t want to sit in! I love the earth tones in this set at Sears!

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Garden Space:

I want plants in my outdoor oasis or it isn’t much of an oasis to me! Planters for everything from flowers to veggies to a kitchen herb garden. I would like a few different ‘levels’ of plants…so this would include planters low to the ground but also higher levels for plants that like to drape themselves over the edge and hang like Morning Glories and some varieties of cucumbers.  

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A Water Feature Creates an Oasis for BIRDS!

While we already have a koi pond on our patio, I would love to include more water features in our backyard oasis. The sound of running water is very relaxing and it also is a great way to attract wildlife to your backyard. We always see birds, lizards, toads, etc all around the koi pond and would love to expand on this idea. We already have the perfect spot with an electrical outlet for the pump.


garden wind chime

Add a Bit of Whimsy in the Backyard

I tend to be a very practical person and that doesn’t usually lend well to decorating. I tend to see decorating as a luxury…not actually functional so therefore not necessary. This leads to a very BORING space sometimes! I want to change that about my patio because color and decor and FUN should all be part of my dream oasis! Create a backyard oasis by adding wind chimes, garden decor, or other fun outdoor trinkets to your patio.

Add Outdoor Storage Space: 

Having 2 kids means my garage is full of balls, bikes, toys, skates, bubbles and so much other junk I cannot move without tripping over it. I would love to give the kids better access to their toys without actually have to look at all of the junk in my back yard. A nice large, closed container to hide all their stuff would be perfect!

outdoor seating on a patio

Create a Backyard Oasis For Outdoor Entertaining: 

We love to have company over so there needs to be space in our yard for guests and accessories that will make it easy to entertain our friends. Things like this patio cooler would be perfect for keeping drinks cold in the hot summer sun!

What is a backyard oasis? Well, that totally depends on your personality. It probably includes an inviting yard,  a mix of beautiful plants and shady nooks. Maybe a a resting spot and an area to entertain. Whatever  you want to include in your dream backyard, get started now! Learn how to create a backyard oasis in your own home and spend more time outside.   For more tips on upgrading your backyard, check out


  1. Melissa Lawler says
    I love your backyard!
  2. Love the idea of a storage set for kids and that patio cooler would be awesome to have!
  3. Your patio is already so beautiful and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once you do get to spruce it up with some new patio decor, you will share the final project with us here. I love your ideas and list. Sears has so much to offer for outdoor living!

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