All Natural Crock Pot Air Freshener Recipe

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Fall is my all time favorite season and this all natural crock pot air freshener will make your home smell festive as the days get shorter and colder. While I have a weakness for candles, they definitely aren’t cheap. Particularly the really nice soy wax ones with essential oils. I really love those! Of course, burning a candle all day pretty much means the I  am spending about $15 a day in candles which really doesn’t work for my budget. I decided to put together a few of my favorite fall foods and let them simmer in my crock pot all day. The smell is totally amazing and I am not spending an arm and a leg on fancy candles! If you have leftover orange peels, you shouldn’t let them go to waste! This air freshener recipe will work with peels as well as whole fruit.

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Crock Pot Air Freshener Recipe Perfect for Fall

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So, you can make this crock pot air freshener in a mini crock pot but I  don’t have something that small. And, since I am trying to minimize clutter in my kitchen, I don’t really want a unitasker sitting around my house. I decided to just use my standard size crock pot and it worked just fine. I also don’t have to worry about the water evaporating quickly and leaving a fire hazard plugged in on the counter.

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The scents you choose for your own crock pot air freshener are totally up to you. Some combinations I have seen are:

  • Lemon slices and fresh rosemary
  • Rosemary, cranberry, and mint (candy canes work great!)
  • Orange and clove
  • Coffee beans and vanilla with a splash of bourbon
  • Orange and vanilla (creamsicle…YUM!)
  • Bay leaves and cinnamon
  • Any assortment of dried flowers


Crock Pot Air Freshener

I chose my crock pot air freshener recipe based on what I had in abundance sitting around my house. If you are being frugal, you can use just the peels from the fruit rather than the fruit itself. If you aren’t getting enough scent, use the peels from TWO pieces of fruit. This is a great way to use up peels from apple pie making!  Add essential oils if you want a nice boost of scent!

Crock Pot Air Freshener Recipe

One orange, sliced
A large apple, sliced
1 whole lemon, sliced
2 cinnamon sticks
3 whole star anise pods
4 to 6 leaves fresh sage


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Crock Pot Air Freshener Recipe Perfect for Fall



  1. Hi DianeWhat a fabulous idea for freshening your home! Love the alternative to candles and I know our readers will too. We've included your post in our latest craft inspiration roundup. Cheers Jodie :)

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