10 Empty Beer Bottle Uses to Save Time and Money!

Saint Patrick’s Day, The Big Game, football tailgating, and just because it is Friday. Those are all reasons to crack open a beer and sit back with a sigh. Instead of tossing those empty beer bottles in the recycling bin (or even worse, the TRASH!), I thought I would share a few empty beer bottle uses that may save you time and money this year. Once you find some great ways to reuse beer bottles, check out my post on green beer before Saint Patrick’s Day gets here or try my homemade pretzels with beer cheese for a snack this weekend!

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10 Empty Beer Bottle Uses to Save Time and Money!

Awesome products for Reusing Beer Bottles:

While many of my suggestions require no supplies at all, a few of them do. Here are some items on Amazon that will help you find new uses for beer bottles around your house.

  • Glass Bottle Cutter:  We learned a year or so ago how to cut a glass bottle in half with string. I will say it wasn’t ALL that easy! If you want to do this to multiple bottles, invest in a glass bottle cutter.
  • Homebrewing supplies:  If you want to make your own beer and refill those empty beer bottles, buy your own homebrewing supplies and give it a try!
  • Beer bottle lamp:  If you want to turn your beer bottles into small lamps, you can invest in some string lights. Increase the ambiance of your home for less! You could also try Tiki Torch kits which are great to use on your patio.
  • Beer bottle brush cleaner:  Most of these empty beer bottle uses require a clean bottle. You don’t want it to still smell of beer so invest in a good set of bottle brushes to scrub them clean.

10 Empty Beer Bottle Uses to Save Time and Money!

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10 Empty Beer Bottle Uses

So, you have a ton of empty beer bottles from your last football party and need to use them up. Or maybe you are just trying to live a zero waste lifestyle and want to find a way to use that one beer bottle your friend left at your house. Here are a few empty beer bottle uses that might help you keep those bottles out of the trash and recycling bin:

10 Empty Beer Bottle Uses to Save Time and Money!

Ways to Reuse Beer Bottles:

  • Rolling pin:  Use your empty beer bottle as a rolling pin next time you make cookies.
  • Boot savers:  Have a pair of tall boots? Place a beer bottle inside of them and prevent them from flopping over and getting crease marks.
  • Vases:  This could be as simple as sticking a cut flower in a clean bottle of water or actually mounting dozens of empty beer bottles on a wooden fence next to your patio seating area. You could also make a beer bottle vase by wrapping it with twine.
  • As candles:  You could simply get a thin taper candle and stick it into the mouth of the beer bottle. If you are feeling ambitious, cut the beer bottle in half, fill with fresh wax and add a wick. Voila! Beer bottle candles!
  • Pottle Plant watering system:  Fill your bottle with water and shove it mouth down into the soil of your potted plant. The water will slowly trickle out into the soil and keep it damp longer.
  • While you grill:  You can use a full bottle of beer while cooking a whole chicken (think beer can chicken only with a bottle). However, you can also fill a bottle with stock, herbs, garlic, onion, etc. to infuse flavor while cooking.
  • Party drink vessels:  Having guests over? Clear beer bottles filled with pink lemonade and a pretty straw is a great way to keep your guests hydrated.
  • Buried garden edging: Bury your beer bottles to create edging in your garden.
  • In your artwork: Break bottles into pieces to create mosaic tile.
  • Homebrewing: Reuse beer bottles for home brewing. You will never need to buy beer again if you learn to make it yourself.

10 Empty Beer Bottle Uses to Save Time and Money!

Reuse Beer Bottles for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint is a great goal for this year. And it just so happens that finding new ways to use old things will also save you time and money! Before you toss those empty beer bottles in the trash, stop and ask yourself what else you could use it for. And if you happen to have leftover BEER as well as the bottles, you can use it to keep snails out of the garden!

Have any other empty beer bottle uses to share?

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Empty Beer Bottle Uses to Save Time and Money While You Live Greener!

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