Green Shaving Tips for Smooth Summer Legs

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Well, spring is finally here and I have traded sweatshirts for Tshirts. That means pretty soon I will be swapping out my jeans for shorts and capris. And do you know what that means? That means I need to start shaving regularly again if I want smooth summer legs. Honestly, that is my least favorite part about the warm weather. Not only am I so white that I practically glow, I need to spend way more time in the shower every day attempting to make my legs look as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Loads of fun, right?

Yes, I know that some women are all ‘We refuse to shave because hair is natural’. Okay, I get it. Yes, hair is natural. I also detest the way my hairy legs feel as they rub up against each other. I have no desire to have legs as hairy as my husband. It’s not my thing. So, I decided to put together a few tips to help you achieve those smooth summer legs without having a huge impact on the environment. Here are a few green shaving tips that you might find helpful, as well as a few affiliate links for products you may want to purchase.

Green Shaving Tips for Smooth Summer Legs

Green Shaving Tips for Smooth Summer Legs

Look for razors made from recycled materials:

Most disposable razors have handles that are made from plastic which are not the best for the environment – especially for how often we sometimes need to replace them. Try choosing a razor that is made from recycled products instead. Recycled Razors are not as cheap as the ones you find in the grocery store but there are many that allow you to change out only the blade head, which will reduce your overall cost in the long run.

Find an energy-efficient electric razor:

Every time you plug something into the wall outlet, you are using energy. There are a few ways that you can reduce the environmental impact of your electric razor. Buy one that uses a rechargeable battery rather than a disposable one. Look for one that specifically says energy-efficient on it. I am still searching for a solar-powered one. If you find one, let me know! It would be a great way to get smooth summer legs with almost zero environmental impact.

Green Shaving Tips for Smooth Summer Legs

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Prolong the life of your disposable razor:

One of the best green shaving tips I can give you is to prolong the life of every razor blade you use. You can still use your disposable razors and just work on disposing of them less often! Purchase a blade sharpener to prolong the life of any razor blade. Also, make sure to dry the blade in between uses and check out these tips on how to extend the life of your razor.

Choose organic or natural shaving creams:

Since our skin is porous, everything we apply to it has the potential to get absorbed into our bodies and everything that washes down our bathroom sink can eventually end up in our water supply. Choose organic shaving cream for smooth summer legs with a small carbon footprint.

Conserve water while shaving:

If you shave in the shower, consider turning off the water while you lather and shave. Some eco-friendly showerheads often have a ‘pause’ button so that you can stop and start the flow of water easily without having to readjust the water temperature. This is a great way to skip the mess of shaving in the bathtub but still use less water.

Smooth summer legs are a must when you want to throw on those cute little shorts or a nice bathing suit. However, shaving can have an impact on the environment, depending on the products and methods you use. Developing a green shaving routine will have your legs smooth and your environmental impact as tiny as possible!

Have any other green shaving tips to share?


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