5 Awesome Reasons to Feed Organic Food to Teenagers

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Whenever I see commercials for organic food, there always seem to be babies in them. Or maybe a few toddlers and a stray preschooler or two. Rarely do I see commercials for organic food that feature teenagers. I always wonder why that is?

Sure, I started feeding my kids organic food when they were babies but they don’t magically just grow out of their need for the highest quality natural and organic food. In fact, I think there are actually a number of reasons that teenagers should be fed organic food even more so than babies!

Want to know why you should be feeding organic food to your teens? Here are 5 awesome reasons along with a cute message in this Annie’s Homegrown video about why YOU need organic for everybunny!

Why Feed Organic Food to Teenagers

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5 Awesome Reasons to Feed Organic Food to Teenagers

Because they are still growing:

Sure, my teen may be 6′ 4″ tall but his brain won’t be done developing until he is almost 25! That means there are still SO many things that can affect proper development.

I’m not willing to risk feeding my teens junk 24/7 when we have no idea how artificial ingredients and pesticide residue affect their growth and development.

To balance out the other junk:

I am not naive. I know that my kids go places and eat a ton of garbage. In fact, they come home with neon blue sports drinks and tell me that it was the best blue #2 that they have ever tasted. Yeah, they like to tease me mercilessly about my avoidance of artificial food dyes and other fake ingredients.

While I may not be able to control the junk they eat at their friend’s houses, just stocking my pantry with organic food and providing nutritious meals goes a long way toward balancing things out a bit.

5 Awesome Reasons to Feed Organic Food to Teenagers

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Because they will share it with friends: 

While I cannot afford to feed the entire tennis team organic food, I can put it in my own pantry for times when the kids have company over. I can pack it in their lunchboxes and leave a box of organic granola bars at the next tennis match.

Maybe, just MAYBE, one kid will give it a try and decide they like it. And then they toss it into their mom’s cart on the next shopping trip. And a new organic family has been made!

Because they are old enough to understand why:

This is my number one reason for feeding organic food to my teens. Because they are old enough to understand WHY it is important. We have discussed the effect of pesticides on our planet. They know what fair trade certified actually means.

They get it like a toddler never, ever will. I can only hope that when they grow up, the lessons that I have taught them will stick, and maybe they will introduce organic food to their own kids.

5 Awesome Reasons to Feed Organic Food to Teenagers

Because it tastes good:

Seriously, I want my teens to realize that just because something says ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ on it doesn’t mean it tastes like dirt. There are too many people in this world who turn up their noses at healthy food because they assume that without artificial colors or flavors, something won’t taste good.

I have a bit of a game with my kids that I call ‘find an organic alternative that they like’. It isn’t always easy. My daughter LOVES strawberry milk but I couldn’t find a natural alternative anywhere. It took me years but I finally found one we are both happy with. Feed teenagers organic food and you will make sure they grow up without food prejudices!

5 Awesome Reasons to Feed Organic Food to Teenagers

Organic for Everybunny

Eating organic doesn’t have to mean tasteless treats or spending a fortune. Annie’s Homegrown makes a variety of products that everybunny can enjoy…even your teenagers! Annie’s Homegrown certified organic cereals, granola bars, and macaroni and cheese are staples in my pantry.

I love that Annie’s Certified Organic Cocoa Bunnies Cereal is made with Fair Trade cocoa, which helps provide sustainable incomes for farmers and their families.

I love knowing that certified organic foods are produced without chemical pesticides which are healthier for my family as well as the planet. And I can honestly say that ALL of us love the taste of Annie’s Homegrown products!

4 thoughts on “5 Awesome Reasons to Feed Organic Food to Teenagers”

  1. Even my elementary-aged kids can understand some of the reasons why we eat organic. Just heard a story on the radio the other day about kids at school getting covered with pesticides from spraying at nearby farms. They are trying to pass a law so that they can’t spray during school hours. Organic farming affects so many people!

    • It really does. And kids of all ages are brighter than adults give them credit for. I hope they make laws about acceptable hours for spraying in your area!


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