Creative Ways to Reuse Old Windows Instead of Throwing Them Away!

Several years ago, my husband and I replaced all the windows in our home. I hated to see my beautiful, wooden windows come off the house, but it was a cost-effective home improvement project that needed to be done. I highly recommend replacing old windows to save on heating and air conditioning costs. However, once the old windows come off, what do you do with them? There are many ways to reuse old windows instead of tossing them in the trash! I will include a few general ideas below, as well as links for you to check out that include some amazing photography of upcycled window projects!

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Creative Ways to Reuse Old Windows

Depending on how handy and/or artistic you are, you may not be able to reuse old windows yourself. Upcycling them requires a bit of artistic and DIY ability that many people (including me!) often lack. I have saved 3 or 4 of the windows that came from my house and donated a few others to my neighbor. The rest went to a group that helps restore homes for low-income people in the area. Hopefully, you may find one of these suggestions helpful so that your old windows don’t end up in the landfill!

Donate them:

There are many organizations around the country that will happily take your old windows. Check with Habitat for Humanity, or any local organizations that deal with helping the less fortunate with housing. Depending on the material and size of your old windows, they may or may not be able to help. However, they will be able to provide contact information for others in the area that may be in need of your windows.

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Build a mini-greenhouse:

One thing old windows are really good for is protecting tender, young plants from chilly temperatures. You can build a full sized greenhouse or just a mini cold frame, depending on your handiness level. That way, you can grow a few garden plants even when the weather is still too chilly for planting outdoors right in the ground. Check out the different greenhouse designs on for inspiration.

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Offer them to others:

You might not be the handiest person around but you can still donate your old windows to someone who is! Offer them on sites such as Freecycle or eBay, or put a sign up in your neighborhood. I’m sure someone will be happy to take those old windows and keep them out of the landfills for you!

Ways to Reuse Old Windows

Get artistic:

There are tons of ways to use old windows as art! Repaint the wooden frame and stencil flowers onto the glass, repurpose it into a picture frame, or make a hall mirror out of it. Do some research online, or head to your local craft store for inspiration. Check out the wide variety of glass painting supplies on Amazon and let your creativity take off!

Window Upcycling Projects to Try:

There are millions of creative people on the internet and they have some great ideas on how to reuse old windows. You can find outdoor window boxes for flowers that spotlight actual windows as well as dozens of other creative window projects. Here are a few sites to check out for inspiring photos:

  • has 20 Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Old Wood Windows and Doors for Wall Decorations.
  • Check out for 38 Ways To Repurpose and Reuse Old Windows.
  • Country Living has 14 New Ways to Repurpose Old Windows.
  • Some of my favorite ideas can be found on where you can find 30 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Windows.


Have any other ways to reuse old windows?

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