Look Good And Feel Good With These Simple Health Changes

This post about simple health changes to look good and feel good is sponsored by Prosperatea.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Want to look good and feel good this year?  Remember, the easiest healthy lifestyle changes to make and KEEP are the small ones.  Make these simple health changes in the coming months for more energy, improved mood, and a radiant appearance.  

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Look good and feel good with a pantry makeover

One of the most important simple health changes you can make this year is to focus on a healthy pantry. If you keep unhealthy food in the house, it is far too tempting to eat it all.

I like cookies. If they are in my house, I am going to eat them! Try packing your kitchen with healthier options. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and seafood, and plenty of whole grains and low-fat dairy.

Sustainable Food in the Kitchen

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Toss out the chips, cookies, and other oh so tempting junk foods. If your family protests, make it a point to stop by the grocery store on Friday for a ‘weekend treat’ for the family. Once it’s gone, don’t replace it until next Friday.

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Choose healthier beverages

Water is absolutely the best thing you can drink and you should be drinking it all day. I get tired of water occasionally but slices of citrus fruits give it a nice flavor without any added calories. 

Skip the soda, sports drinks, and other empty calories.  Remember, herbal teas are another easy way to improve your health this year. 

What is the healthiest herbal tea to drink?

Choose herbal teas that fit for your particular health needs.  Fight stress with teas for relaxation and sleep.

Give yourself a mood boost with uplifting herbal blends.  Give yourself a whole body cleanse with detox teas.  The best herbal tea for YOU will differ than the best one for someone else. 

mug of herbal tea on counter

Is it OK to drink herbal tea everyday?

According to Healthline.com, most people can drink 3 to 4 cups of herbal tea a day without any side effects.  That means you can start your day with something uplifting, drink your detox tea in the afternoon, and sip a relaxing tea blend at night before bed. 

How to brew herbal tea

What is the best way to brew your herbal tea? Just boil water in a clean kettle. Preheat your mug if desired  by pouring hot water inside and out. Then, use at least 1 teaspoon of loose tea leaves per cup of water or one teabag. 

Add the hot water and cover your mug with a lid or a small saucer. Let it steep for at least 5 minutes. Voila!  Herbal tea, ready to sip!

three varieties of prosperatea herbal tea blends

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Prosperatea for functional wellness

Prosperatea offers a tea for every moment!  They have a number of botanical wellness blends that taste delicious and support your health from the inside out. 

They choose a number of high grade tea ingredients and blend them perfectly to support 10 different functional benefits.  Whether you are battling PMS symptoms or want to boost immunity, Prosperatea has a tea blend that can help you look good and feel good this year!

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Get more sleep

This one is really hard for me to do but I try hard to turn my bedroom light off by 10 PM. 

I love to read and the only time I really allow myself to do it is at bedtime. Which means inevitably I get sucked into a story that I don’t want to put down! Soon, 10 PM becomes 11 PM and I am wondering how much sleep I really need to function the next day.

prosperatea destress wellness blend

If you are looking for simple health changes to make this year, make sure you are getting as close to 8 hours of sleep a night as possible.  Under eye bags are not attractive and a lack of sleep means lack of energy throughout the day.  If you have trouble sleeping, try Prosperatea’s De-Stress blend before bed.

Need more sleep to look better and feel better?  Read these health tips, too:

  • Tart Cherry Moon Milk Recipe: If you are looking for relaxation and better sleep, this tart cherry moon milk recipe may be just the thing you need.
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  • Weight Loss and Sleep: How To Sleep Your Way To A Skinnier You! Sleep affects metabolism just like nutrition affects the brain. Getting quality sleep is an important part of weight loss. 

fresh carrots that are purple yellow and orange

Eat a rainbow of colors

Fresh fruits and veggies are abundant in my house, although I must admit, during the winter months there aren’t quite as many. Include a wider variety of colors into your meals to help you look good and feel good this year. 

Healthy eating habits are key to looking good and feeling better! Cook from scratch with whole food ingredients.  Fewer processed foods usually means less salt, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.  By moving to a more natural diet, you can rest assured you are getting the nutrients your body needs for optimum health. 

Glowing skin and a trim waistline will not be achieve with processed foods. Stock up on fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and low fat dairy.  There are 100 small changes to lose weight but number one has got to be ditch the processed foods!

Sporty girl rolling black yoga mat before or after workout

Feel better by breaking a sweat!

This is one of the simple health changes that can yield big results.  Exercise is really not my favorite thing in the world. I love walking and hiking and gardening but actually exercising is not on my list of top 10 favorites.

However, regular exercise is great stress relief as well as a wonderful way to lose weight, build muscle and get toned. It isn’t always easy to find time but if you need a little motivation, you can use a daily activity tracker to count your steps and keep you moving.

people hiking up stairs on outdoor trail for an outdoor workout


Don’t like the gym? Spend time outside! I am starting to see signs of spring and am definitely looking forward to working in the garden again. Park farther away from the store entrance or grab a workout buddy to keep you from slacking off.

Start your morning with stretches and wind down in the evening with yoga. Every step, bend, twist, pull up, and flight of stairs helps. 

woman in workout clothes in living room working out to look good and feel good

Make time for you

Like most moms, I tend to put my kids, husband, work, and chores, before my own needs. I often find it hard to carve out time for myself to recharge my mental batteries. However, when I DO manage to do it, I feel so much more relaxed!

Make small lifestyle changes that focus on YOU. Do some simple meditation occasionally and make a lunch date with a friend. All work and no play makes mom a stressed out mess! This is one of the simple healthy changes I made a while ago that will be sticking with me from now on, even if it doesn’t happen as often as I like.

Want to look good and feel good this year?  Make these simple health changes in the coming months.  Drastic changes in lifestyle are often not sustainable.  The most successful way to improve your health is to make small changes that yield big results.   From healthy herbal teas to a walk in the park, make this year the healthiest one yet!

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More Simple Health Changes to Look Good and Feel Good

Beauty and health go hand in hand.  If you want to look better and feel better, make good choices when it comes to your food and lifestyle habits.  Here are a few more easy ways to improve your health in the coming year. Choose quality products for better living and you will see results!

  • How To Eat Clean :  Here are a few clean eating basics to kick start a healthy diet.
  • Ways to Use Fresh Lemons in Beauty Routines: Have too many lemons?  Keep reading for a few lemon beauty hacks!
  • Your DIY Beauty Pantry: 10 Must Have Ingredients. No matter what  your reason for making your own beauty products, there are a few key ingredients you should keep on hand at all times!




9 thoughts on “Look Good And Feel Good With These Simple Health Changes”

  1. Drinking more water is a dramatic life change that can really impact someone with little effort. I pretty much only drink water these days and it’s so nice to enjoy my calories elsewhere- not to mention the extra energy I have when I don’t have sugar or caffeine crashes! If I’m craving something sweet I usually have a smoothie or some juice!

  2. Some great tips. I have been trying to drink more water recently. I pretty much gave up soda so that helps. The sleep part is hard… I go to bed early enough but then wake up in the middle of the night, so working on that part.

  3. Drinking more water and getting a good night’s sleep are the things that make it possible to improve my health. If I am missing one of those, then any other dietary changes seem meaningless.

  4. Great tips, thanks! I definitely need to get more sleep. I also read at bedtime and find it hard to put down my book and go to sleep. I also need to make time for me. I’m always on the go doing things for my family. We’re already on a heart healthy diet, so we already went through all those dietary changes.


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