Urban Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

I am always wishing I had more space in my backyard for gardening. In reality, the 1/3 of an acre that we own could do so much more for me than it actually does. People living in urban areas have it tougher than me! Outdoor space is typically very limited for those living in the city, but there are many urban gardening ideas for small spaces that will allow you to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh, healthy, organic and delicious produce can be grown even in the smallest of spaces with these plant growing tips. I will include a few affiliate links for products that might come in handy.

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Urban Gardening Ideas and solutions for small spaces

Urban Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Urban gardening can be challenging but also very rewarding. There is nothing like heading out to your patio to pick a homegrown tomato, right? If you are considering starting an urban garden, keep these tips in mind before you get started!

Urban Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

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Select Garden Location

Think outside the box for a productive urban gardening idea location. A rooftop container garden, a balcony with window planters suspended along the railing, hanging baskets on a patio or a sunny interior or exterior wall for a vertical garden.

Select a potential garden location and observe it for a couple of sunny days. Note how the sun shines on the location at various times during the day. Most plants will require at least 4-6 hours of direct sun each day and some plants will require full sun. If you want to go high-tech, get a sunlight meter.

Urban Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Fertile Soil

After selecting the right growing location for your urban garden, it’s time add the soil. The more fertile the soil, the more the garden plants will produce. Start with a good quality potting soil that contains compost and manure. Organic gardening solutions from your pantry can help you keep your food free from chemicals.

Urban Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Container Choices

Any container that can retain soil can grow a plant. Buckets, dish pans, DIY wood planters, etc., as long as the container has drainage holes in the bottom, it’s usable as part of a small space urban garden.

DIY containers built to fit small spaces or vertical spaces may be needed and can be built in a way that compliments the space and works as a living piece of art while growing fresh produce.

Add several drainage holes to the bottom of each container, then place a paper coffee filter over each hole to prevent the soil from leaching out when plant is watered. Add fertile soil mix to the container and get ready to plant.

Urban Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Plant Choices

Select dwarf varieties of plants for growing as part of your urban gardening idea for small spaces. The dwarf plant varieties will produce full-size fruits and vegetables on smaller plants. Plant labels will state if the plant is full or dwarf size. Some will use the terms ‘bush’ or ‘compact’ instead of dwarf. Check out my post on how to grow lettuce and use shallow dish trays instead of deep pots. Plant edible flowers or

Urban Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Water and Mulch

Container grown plants will dry out quicker than in-ground grown plants and will require frequent watering. Creating an urban garden near a water source will make this task easier for you. Twice daily watering may be needed during the middle of summer for plants grown in full sun. Try plant watering stakes to keep the soil damp longer.

Apply a layer of organic mulch to help the soil retain moisture and prevent plants from drying out. Hay, compost or shredded newspaper are good mulch choices and will help bring both your urban gardening idea and plants to productive fruition


When it comes to urban gardening ideas, don’t let your small space scare you off! You CAN grow at least a little bit of your own food in your tiny living space!

Are you doing any urban gardening this year?


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Urban Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

10 thoughts on “Urban Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces”

  1. I am hoping to do some urban gardening soon. I love the idea of window planters to have in my patio area. It gets a lot of good sunlight and would be an ideal place to start growing some plants. I can’t wait to get started!

  2. Although we live in the country and have acres of land, we still like to have small garden on our porch. We simply don’t have the time to tend to a large garden at this point in our lives. Opting for a small garden can still yield a nice crop, especially when utilizing ideas like these! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m one of those city people who actually has the luxury of having 1/4 acre lot across the street from her home to garden on. It’s pretty sweet. As a matter of fact, we’re in the running for a grant and I hope that the contest ends the way that I want it to. We had so much fun last year working with our community and learning more about the people that live in it, all through gardening! I love your post, and I do hope that you find a way to make all the land that you have work for you.

  4. Great ideas! I love that you gave some great options for everyone, even if you live in the city you can have veggies and a garden!

  5. These are some great ideas. We are in the planning stages of relocating in a year. When we do, an indoor and outdoor garden is on my must do list. I’m a terrible gardener, but I really want to try again. I want fresh herbs and veggies for my pets! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Great ideas, Diane! I love my little balcony garden, no matter how small is the place – there`s always a place for some flowers and herbs!


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