How to Enjoy Healthy Living Each and Every Day!

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The older I get, the more I realize that I need to make time to enjoy life every single day. My kids are growing up so quickly and it seems like only yesterday that they were babies! I want to seize the day, eat dessert first, and live for the moment. Of course, I also want to stay healthy so I need to find a bit of balance in my life, right? Well, it IS possible to live healthily and enjoy life all at the same time. Keep reading for a few tips on how to enjoy healthy living and love every moment of your better for you lifestyle!

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How to Enjoy Healthy Living.


How to Enjoy Healthy Living

Healthy living doesn’t always sound fun. Who wants to eat broccoli when they can have ice cream, right? Well, I think the key is to make a few simple changes to those healthy choices so that you actually enjoy them. Here are a few goals that I am setting for myself in the coming months:

Explore new foods:

I admit it, I am in a rut. I cook the same 10 or 12 recipes all the time and wonder why I am so darn tired of healthy food. This week, my husband printed out a couple of new recipes to try. I have never actually cooked with plantains and am looking forward to trying something new. If you don’t enjoy healthy food, maybe you need to try a new recipe this week!

How to Enjoy Healthy Living.

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Exercise with friends:

I tend to just head to the gym or use the rowing machine upstairs to exercise. It’s not the most exciting time of my life. I need to find more friends to walk with or head to the park with my husband when he goes running. Some days I feel like I am completely cut off from my friends and I need to make more time for them.

Find healthier substitutes

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I have a particular weakness for cheese puffs and soda. Two totally NOT healthy foods. I have slowly been trying to substitute natural sodas and baked, organic cheese puffs for my guilty pleasures. Make other healthier choices in your diet so that you don’t miss the junk as much.

Take a day off

I see comments online quite a bit that ‘cheat days’ are a bad thing for your diet. Honestly, I sort of disagree with that logic. I love sorbet and fresh fruit as much as the next girl but some days I just want a hot fudge sundae and that is totally okay. Some days I am tired and no matter how much I enjoy healthy living, I just don’t have the energy to go to the gym. I am going to do what I can to live healthily and try to not feel guilty on the days that I just need a mental health day full of junk food and TV marathons.

How to Enjoy Healthy Living Each and Every Day!

Take your (gummy) vitamins

I take a lot of vitamins and supplements. My cabinet is stocked with an assortment of them that I take several times throughout the day. Whether it is a probiotic for my stomach or Omega 3s for heart health, I have a ton! Do you have any clue how much I hate taking vitamins? Some of them are gigantic, leave a gross taste in my mouth, and/or make me slightly nauseous. I have been slowly searching for gummy versions of as many of my vitamins as possible. They are GUMMIES! I love gummies. Now I can get my added nutrients along with chewy, sweet goodness all the same time!

How to Enjoy Healthy Living.

vitafusion™ and L’il Critters™

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How to Enjoy Healthy Living Each and Every Day!

L’il Critters™ Fruit n’ Honey gummies

L’il Critters has just launched Fruit n’ Honey gummy vitamins, combining essential nutrients with real pear juice† and the golden goodness from honey bees. These L’il Critters vitamins are the #1 Kids Gummy Vitamin Brand and are loved by kids and trusted by parents to help support and maintain healthy growth and development.* You can choose from:

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How to Enjoy Healthy Living Each and Every Day!

vitafusion Simply Good

vitafusion™ has just launched its Simply Good line which is a tasty way to provide yourself with wholesome nutrition. It’s a blend of Pacific Northwest pear juice†, golden clover honey, and essential nutrients. Seriously delicious gummy vitamins that I actually look forward to taking! You can choose from a variety of options:

  • vitafusion Supports Immunity: Immunity support from vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc*.
  • Vitamin B-12 helps supports energy production by converting food to fuel*.
  • Vitamin D3  supports immune function, muscles and promotes calcium absorption*.
  • vitafusion Bone and Muscle Support* contains vitamin D to support muscles and to promote calcium absorption, and calcium to support strong bones*.
  • Complete Multivitamin Gives you the wholesome nutrition you need with 13 essential vitamins

How to Enjoy Healthy Living Each and Every Day!

L’il Critters Fruit n’ Honey is now available nationwide at select mass, drug and grocery stores as well as online retailers. The new Simply Good line from vitafusion™ will be available nationwide at Walmart starting in April. More information can be found at and

How do YOU enjoy healthy living?


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