The 4 Ingredient Vegan Cookbook

The 4 Ingredient Vegan cookbook shows how to create scrumptious entrees, salads, soups, side dishes, beverages, and even desserts with just a few main ingredients – four to be exact! When you are in a hurry, a 4 ingredients cookbook can be a lifesaver.  Especially if they are common ingredients found in the average kitchen.

The simplest way to eat less meat is to keep a well-stocked pantry and fridge, invest in a few key spices, and look for 4 ingredient recipes like the ones in this vegan cookbook!

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The 4 Ingredient Vegan

The 4 Ingredient Vegan Cookbook

Title: The 4 Ingredient Vegan

Subtitle: Easy, Quick, and Delicious

Author: Abrams, Maribeth, and Dinshah, Anne

Publisher: Book Publishing Company (June 5, 2010)

ISBN: 978-1570672323Pages: 160 (Paperback)

About this four ingredients cookbook:

When you’re pressed for time, it’s tempting to pass on a home-cooked meal in favor of restaurant fare or take-out. And if you’re looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, complicated recipes for unfamiliar foods can appear difficult to make. Some of the best recipes in the world are easy to prepare and don’t require a long list of foods to chop and measure.

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This new cookbook shows how to create scrumptious entrees, salads, soups, side dishes, beverages, and even desserts with just a few main ingredients. Co-authors Mary Beth Abrams and Anne Dinshah share their best secrets for creating great flavors, simple and easy, with creative combinations of beans, grains, veggies, and fruit.

More Vegan Cooking Tips

You’ll discover how a great garnish, a flourish of nuts, or a burst of miso can add simple touches that make a meal more memorable. And get tips on how to use vegan convenience foods that save time, provide lots of flavors, and make nutritious, satisfying fare.

The 4 Ingredient Vegan

My Vegan Cookbook Review:

I am all about simplicity in the kitchen! With everything going on in my life, I just cannot spend 2 hours preparing a special sauce or practicing some difficult culinary skill.

Recipes like that are great for company or special occasions. But when I have kids who need help with homework and I am getting ready to leave for an evening shift at work, I need something I can put together quickly. And when I am in a hurry, I will grab my vegan cookbook, knowing it has a solution! 

Simple Vegan Ingredients

I was thrilled to receive The 4 Ingredient Vegan to review since most things with only 4 ingredients will be fairly easy to prepare! I am always looking to cut down on the meat we eat so I was particularly interested to find quick, meatless meals.

There were aspects of this book that I loved and others that I was slightly disappointed in. These are truly 4 ingredient recipes (with the exception of water, salt, and pepper) and they are all very healthy. Just about all categories of foods are covered. That includes morning meals, beverages, dips and spreads, main dishes, salads, side dishes, and desserts.

Kid-friendly vegan recipes

A lot of the recipes are for foods that I already include in my non-vegan kitchen but with slight variations in ingredients. Spinach Dip, Fiesta Rice Salad, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries are all familiar foods to my non-vegan household. I like that since kids are not always the most flexible eaters!

Every recipe has nutritional information under it. I am always concerned about protein intake for my kids when cooking vegetarian/vegan meals. This allows me to find dishes that provide a fair amount of protein for my growing kids!

Uses premade vegan ingredients

The one big drawback I see to the book is that a lot of the recipes include premade ingredients. For example, things like Butternut Squash Ravioli or Vegan Chili. I am sure that it is very helpful to have these ingredients in the house to make vegan cooking quick and convenient but they are not always easy to find.

Keep in mind that I live in a major metropolitan area. I  can honestly say I have NEVER come across vegan Butternut Squash Ravioli. Some of the premade ingredients are easy to find (vegetable broth, for example) and others will be tougher. I would have preferred that the recipes stick to basic staples that can be found in a traditional grocery store.

Fast vegan recipes 

Overall, if you are looking to reduce your meat consumption, eat healthier, and spend less time in the kitchen, this is a great cookbook. You can skip the recipes that use premade ingredients.  Check out for more vegan cooking tips. If you want to try this four ingredients cookbook, you can head over and buy it on Amazon.


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