Cool Things to Do with Old Tires

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Here in the suburbs, a car is an absolute must have item.  While I would love to ride a bike or take public transportation sometimes, it doesn’t happen very often.  In order to safely drive my car, I need a good set of tires on it.  That means I have to put new tires on my car regularly, leaving 4 mostly still in good shape tires that need a new home.  I usually ask the auto facility to recycle them but there are plenty of cool things to do with old tires if you want to be creative. Here are just a few ways to recycle old tires if you find yourself with a few spares ones in your garage!

Cool Things to Do with Old Tires

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Cool Things to Do with Old Tires

I am going to share a few crafty and creative ways to reuse old tires that you may find helpful.  Keep in mind that if YOU are not crafty, others in your area may be.  Please don’t send old tires to landfills.  If you absolutely have no use for them, list them on Craiglist and see if someone near by can use them.

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Turn them into a cool sandbox

All you really need to do for a DIY tire sandbox is to paint a tire with outdoor paint and fill it with sand.  You can add an umbrella over it to block some of the sun if you want as well.  Check out I Heart Naptime for full directions!

Cool Things to Do With Old Tires

Make a child swing for your child

A tire swing is a classic childhood toy.  Make sure you hang the swing on a sturdy branch and teach your kids the safest way to play on it.  12 kids on one tire swing will only lead to an accident!

Make Your Own Tire patio table

A tire patio table is a great way to use old tires.  All you need to do is paint two tires with outdoor paint.  Then, add a round glass table top to it.  Yes, you can actually buy a round glass table top on Amazon.  It is a simple way to reuse old tires and turn them into a useful piece of furniture.

Cool Things to Do with Old Tires

Make your own container garden

Old tires make great planters, however, I really advise against using them to grow food.  I would much rather see food in ceramic pots or directly in the ground than in an old rubber tire.  They are wonderful for planting flowers in, however, and if you paint them first, it adds a nice touch of whimsy to your yard.

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Build tire garden stairs

If you have a hilly area that you would like to install steps in, skip the wood or stone and add rubber tires.  You can paint them first for greater visual appeal or leave them as is.

Cool Things to Do with Old Tires

Make a tire dog bed

If you are looking for cool things to do with old tires and you have a small dog, consider building a DIY dog bed out of it.  Check out Practically Functional for directions on how to do it.

Make a Tire recycling bin

You can turn a stack of 3 old tires into a recycling bin or trash can.  Just stack your tires (3 is probably best but maybe 4 if you are tall!). Then, open a trash bag and put it into the middle just like you would a regular trash can.  Voila!  An instant place to put your recycling!

Cool Things to Do with Old Tires

Use one in your exercise routine

There are a ton of ways to incorporate a tire into your workout routine.  Check out for a long list of ways to exercise with a tire!

Donate Them

There are several charitable organizations that may be able to use your old tires.  If they are still in good shape, charities may be able to take them.  They may also be shredded up for use as playground equipment.  Call your local auto shop to find out where they send their tires.  You may be able to utilize the same resources.

If you have too many old tires and just don’t know what to do with them all, check out Earth 911 for ways to recycle tires so that they don’t end up in a landfill!

What other cool things to do with old tires can you think of?

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 Cool Things to Do With Old Tires

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  1. These are great ideas! My dad used to use old tires when he planted potatoes. When it was time to harvest, he just pulled up the tires!
  2. Great ideas. I love recycling old things, keeps them out of the landfill for one but re purposing is just a fun thing to do. My Mom recently found a small tire and put a plant in it and hung it up.
  3. Wonderful upcycling suggestions! I loved the tire swing at my local park when I was young, so the thought of recreating that for my own children is especially fun.
  4. OMG that dig is sooo cute! What breed is it?
  5. Oh fun! Tire swings are a classic, and I love the idea of painting old tires to turn them into colorful planters!
  6. These are so cool! My old neighbor use to add flowers to his old tires like above and boy was it cute! He also made his kids a tire swing that still hangs to this day in his yard, these are some great ideas for used tires!

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