What To Do With Empty Perfume Bottles

A few years ago I got onto a bit of a perfume kick. I wear it almost every day and love picking out new scents from some rather nice natural perfume shops. Well, they are slowly running out and now I find myself wondering what to do with empty perfume bottles now that the perfume is gone.

Who wants to smell like the same thing every day, right? I choose my perfume based on my mood, the weather, or the outfit I am wearing. That means I have lots of different pretty bottles in my cabinet. So, now that I am gathering a collection of cute empty perfume bottles, what do I do with them?

Well, if you have a few of these lying around the house yourself, here are a few ways to reuse, recycle or upcycle your favorite perfume bottle.

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What To Do With Empty Perfume Bottles

Wondering how to reuse a perfume bottle?  Before you start, make sure to rinse well with hot, soapy water and let it air dry. When they are dry, here are a few ways to upcycle your perfume bottles (or recycle, rehome, or sell to others craftier than you!) 

Recycle them

If you have absolutely no idea what to do with empty perfume bottles, this is the easiest solution. Take off any metal top or spray, rinse the glass bottle and toss in the recycle bin.

Fill with DIY insect repellent

Nobody likes mosquitoes at the BBQ right? Make your own DIY insect repellent and put it in a perfume bottle with a sprayer attached. Place outside on your picnic table and let your guests enjoy a bug free meal.

Other Upcycling Ideas You Might Like

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Turn them into bud vases 

Bud vases are really just teeny tiny flower vases perfect for only one or two small flowers. That handful of clover that your child brings you from the back yard would look beautiful in an upcycled perfume bottle! Put your tiny flower arrangement in your guest bedroom for a personal touch!

Pro Upcycling Tip: Check out my post on how to cut a glass bottle in half with string!   

Root your transplants

Do you enjoy taking clippings from plants and propagating them? Take your clippings and place them in a small, clean perfume bottle. Make sure you add a bit of root stimulator to the water to encourage root growth.

bottles of perfume turned into reed diffusers

Make them into reed diffusers

Reed diffusers are a great way to get the room smelling pretty without candles or room sprays. Just fill an old perfume bottle with some essential oils and add in a few diffuser reeds. This is also a great addition to your guest bedroom decor. You can also make them with old spice bottles.

Create a candle holder

Small bottles with tiny openings can be a decorative way to add a bit of ambiance to the room. You will need to invest in a few short taper candles. Make sure you place your old perfume bottle on a decorative plate and keep it away from flammable objects. Cluster several of them on a small tray and turn it into a decorative centerpiece.

close up of spray bottle top with mist coming out

Create a cooling mister

When the weather gets hot, we humans get even hotter. Clean out your old perfume bottle and fill it with plain water. Store it in the refrigerator and spray as necessary to cool yourself off. This is great for those of us who are starting to hit menopause and having major temperature regulation issues!

Use as home decor

A particularly pretty bottle filled with small glass beads would add a beautiful pop of color to any room. An especially easy and inexpensive decor idea if you are working on a tight budget. You could also use old necklaces or bracelets from thrift shops that are made of pearls or beads.

ingredients for making your own perfume

Make your own room spray or perfume

Want to start making your own perfume? There are a ton of books available on how to make perfume. The great thing about homemade perfume is that you can tailor the scent exactly to your own personal tastes.

Pass them on

If you have no idea what to do with old perfume bottles and aren’t crafty in the slightest, you could list empty perfume bottles for sale on Craig’s List or eBay. For free or for a few dollars. There are many crafty people out there who love finding new ways to use old things.

Perfume bottle lighting and wedding centerpieces are common ways to upcycle perfume bottles and if you aren’t crafty enough to do it, maybe someone else is!

If you are looking for ways to repurpose old perfume bottles or cologne spray bottles, there are a ton of ideas out there on the Internet. If you have OLD perfume bottles, check to make sure they aren’t truly valuable. Some antique perfume bottles can catch a high price.

Have any other suggestions as to what to do with empty perfume bottles?

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What to do with empty perfume bottles once your favorite scent is gone.

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