Guest Bathroom Ideas That Balance Luxury and Real Life!

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My husband and I have traveled quite a bit over the last 20 years. As a result, we have visited a whole lot of homes and used many, many bathrooms along the way. Some of our stays involved bathrooms loaded with rubber duckies and soap that smelled like grapes. Other places we stayed involved guest bathrooms that seemed so sterile I thought they belonged in a hotel. The perfect guest bathroom design, in my opinion, is one that bridges the divide between perfection and a realistically well used space.

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Guest Bathroom Ideas

In my house, all of my bathrooms actually get used by real people every single day. Sure, I would love a small guest bathroom that only visitors got to use. But, that is just not going to happen in my world! Instead of a dedicated guest bath, I try to find small ways to turn my teens’ bathroom INTO a guest only space during those times when we have company. Finding that balance between guest bathroom luxuries and a place your kids can wash off the dirt can be challenging!

How to Decorate a Guest Bathroom

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Guest Bathroom Ideas That Balance Luxury and Real Life

My guest bathroom doesn’t resemble one that you will find in a luxury spa. But, by the time I am done setting it up, at least I can rest assured that my friends and family won’t be taking a bath with any rubber duckies. Unless they want to!

Want some realistic ways to set up a guest bathroom you won’t cringe at when people see it? Here are a few tips that might help:

Invest in High Quality Towels

The number one easiest thing you can do when it comes to guest bathroom decor ideas is to upgrade your towels. If your everyday towels are threadbare or stained, upgrade to organic towels from Grund America LLC. Their plush organic cotton bath towels are a truly luxurious upgrade for your guest bath.

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These towels are made from 100% GOTS Certified organic Turkish cotton and are incredibly soft and absorbent. Grund America organic towels are spa-quality but perfect for everyday use, as well. Of course, I love that Grund America uses no pesticides or chemicals during production, harvesting and processing. Gentle on your skin and gentle on the environment!

Leave your folded towels in the bathroom or guest bedroom for your guests to use. Feel free to fold them into cute animal shapes if you are just THAT talented. (I am not!)  Or, you can just fold or roll them and place in a decorative basket or tray.

Check out the Grund America website to learn How to Care for your Grund Organic Cotton Products!

Improve Lighting

Lighting for a guest bathroom can be challenging. In my house, all of our bathrooms have either NO window at all or a teeny, tiny window that looks out into a wooded yard. Needless to say, a dark guest bathroom may not be as inviting as you would like.

The trick to bathroom lighting is to use bright bulbs and keep the fixtures clean. That way, the artificial lighting is enhanced as much as possible. If your guest bathroom has windows, open up the blinds and let some natural light in. Invest in some sheer curtains if you want lighting but also a bit of privacy.

Guest Bathroom Essentials

Provide Luxurious Necessities

The guest bathroom is probably not the place to put your dandruff shampoo or that half used tube of toothpaste. Invest in a few luxurious guest bathroom essentials that will pamper your friends and family. Buy organic bubble bath or an all natural hand lotion and leave it on a tray on the bathroom counter.

Make sure to provide a few basic bathroom supplies like extra toothbrushes or a disposable razor. People who travel are notorious for forgetting their beauty essentials as they run out the door in a hurry. You can also add in small jars of cotton balls, cotton swabs, a new bar of soap, and whatever other bathroom essentials you feel that your guests would appreciate.

Guest Bathroom Decor Ideas

Add Flowers or Plants

Something living in a bathroom (other than mold!) always adds a touch of beauty it. If you are looking for guest bathroom ideas that work even in small areas, this is it! Struggling with a small guest bathroom? Buy a small bud vase and add only a flower or two. If you have a large guest bathroom, put the whole bouquet!

A guest bathroom with no natural light is not a great place for a plant to live for an extended time. Either remove the plant after your guests leave, or choose cut flowers in a vase that don’t require any real light. Another option is artificial flowers, however, they don’t usually have quite the same vibrant feeling as fresh flowers do.


Make Sure to Provide Plenty of  Space

When my teens use their bathroom, they spread out. And I do mean they SPREAD OUT. Their stuff is everywhere! When that space becomes a guest bathroom, all hairdryers, makeup pouches, and acne medications are moved into the medicine cabinet and shelf space under the sinks. Guests need space to put their things without losing an earring down the drain.

Provide hooks on the back of the door, a sturdy shelf, and a clear counter space for their bathroom travel necessities. Remove clutter and personal items as much as possible. Use an over the door towel hook that doesn’t have to be mounted onto the wall if you are concerned about your ability to use power tools. There are many styles of bathroom shelves that stand right on the floor and require no mounting to the wall. This is a great place to store those organic towels I mentioned earlier!

Organic Bathroom Rug

Add a Plush Organic Rug

The rug that normally lives in our bathroom isn’t one that I want guests seeing. It has been washed a few too many times and has frayed edges. You will also find the occasionally muddy dog footprint on it (which necessitates the frequent washing!)

Give your guests somewhere luxurious to put their freshly washed feet with an organic bath mat from Grund America LLC. They use use the highest quality organic cotton that can actually be traced to the very community of cultivation! I received the Puro Reversible Organic Cotton Bath Rug in panna cotta and it is truly beautiful!

Leave a Personal Note

Leave a personal note in a guest bathroom to let your guests know that they are appreciated. Place a small card with a handwritten message in it welcoming your guests to your home. Remind them that if they need something, to just ask. Place this personal note on top of your folded organic towels and they will truly feel like they are pampered guests!


How to Decorate a Small Guest Bathroom

Make It Smell Good

I love adding scent to my home, however, I try to stay away from overpowering chemical deodorizers. Instead of harsh sprays, burn a small soy candle in your guest bathroom. Other guest bathroom ideas to add a pleasant smell would be a reed diffuser or a bowl of potpourri. Another option would be a decorative jar filled with baking soda and essential oils. Whichever one you choose, your bathroom will smell fresher without an overpowering smell of ‘fresh cotton’…whatever that smells like!

Spending time with friends and family is important to me. I want my guests to feel welcome in my home, however, I also know that I am not running a pristine hotel! Turning my teenagers’ bathroom into an upscale space with these guest bathroom ideas is a simple and inexpensive way to let my guests know how much I appreciate the time they took to visit me!

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Have any other guest bathroom decor ideas to share?

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