DIY Business Card Holder and Real Agent Guard are Must Haves For Real Estate Agents

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This DIY business card holder and Real Agent Guard post has been sponsored by Acorn and Real Agent Guard but all opinions are my own. #RealAgentGuard

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Several years ago, my mother in law decided to go into the real estate business. She was looking for a flexible way to earn some money and thought real estate sounded challenging. It was a good career choice for her very social and active personality but it definitely took her away from home at odd hours of the day and night. She was also meeting strangers alone which could have placed in her danger! Safety and organization are important in order to be a successful real estate agent. If you know anyone who is a real estate agent, I encourage you to tell them about Real Agent Guard for personal safety and maybe make them a handy DIY business card holder to help them keep track of their business cards. Directions for the DIY business card holder are at the bottom of the post!


Real Agent Guard was designed to protect real estate agents from an assortment of threats that they might encounter while doing their job. This app offers a number of features including FailSafe PIN, geolocation tracker, and timer based check-ins. This program is not just for real estate agents, though! Whether you are in the market for a home for the first time or selling your fifth home, you can be in charge. If real estate agent safety is something you are concerned about, you need Real Agent Guard for peace of mind. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices and there are different versions, depending on if you are an agent, a monitor or a friend/family member.

  • How the App works:

    • Red – agents. Blue – friends and family. Green – enterprise.
    • If the agent fails to login after a small amount of time, it alerts someone who calls them to check in.
    • If something does go wrong, they can forward all info to the police

Real Agent Guard and DIY Business Card Holder

I spent some time using the Real Agent Guard app and dashboard and it is really very simple. You create your dashboard with your unique API key. You can use this as an individual or as part of a real estate agent team. There are training videos to walk you through every step of the process. You download the Real Agent Guard app on your phone. As a real estate agent, you check in when you go to show a home. You can snap photos of the license plate of your client or the house to share with your team. If you don’t log out before your timer finishes, an alert is sent to your team, family, or friends. There is also a panic button in case of real emergencies. If you are selling a home, you can easily use the video monitoring system on a laptop to keep an eye on your open house!

Real Agent Guard Features

I tried out a number of features and I love the geolocation tracker. It pinpoints exactly where you are and there is a grabbable ‘link’ to forward to police or anyone who may need to know your location. If you don’t check in on time, a very audible alarm will sound from the system that is monitoring the agent. This worked on both my laptop and my iPad. I can also say that the panic button really does dial 911 very quickly. I did not really quite understand that feature until my phone started dialing! WHOOPS! But, don’t worry…you can turn that off it you don’t want to use it.

If you would like a better look at how Real Agent Guard works, check out their their video!

Feel free to connect with Real Agent Guard on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus

So, now that you know your favorite real estate agent will be SAFE, what else do they need to do their job? A handy place to store their business cards of course! Check out how easy it is to create this DIY business card holder!

DIY Business Card Holder 2

DIY Business Card Holder


  • Mint tin-(you can recycle an Altoid tin for this!)
  • Fabric Scraps or scrapbook paper
  • Embellishments like ribbons and buttons
  • Fabric Glue and paint brush
  • Felt, material or scrapbook paper (for the inside)

DIY Business Card Holder and Real Agent Guard


1. Cut the fabric to fit the top of the mint tin. You can trace the shape of the tin onto the fabric to make this easier. If you fabric is thin and the colors of the mint tin show through, you can paint the top white before proceding.

2. Spread a thin amount of glue onto the mint tin and gently press the fabric onto the tin

3. Glue on embellishments as desired

4. Glue matching ribbon, washi tape or fabric strips along the bottom edge as shown

5. Brush a small amount of glue around the edges of the material to keep them from fraying.

6. Glue material or scrapbook paper on the inside cover

7. Let dry and use your DIY business card holder to store business cards in!

Have you ever made your own DIY business card holder?




  1. Amber Edwards says
    That is a great app to help give more peace of mind for a real estate agents. I guess it makes sense, not everyone is trustworthy now, and it could be a good ruse to get someone alone.That is a cute Business card holder. Great tutorial.
  2. That really is handy. I like the video option!
  3. I never thought about it before but there are real dangers with the job! taking those steps to ensure safety is key! Also, I need to make one of these, I tend to throw my business cards in a side pocket and they get so wrecked!
  4. I have a close friend who is a realtor and I forwarded her this link. It does scare me when she meets people at houses for appointment. You just never know people's intentions! This app seems like something that help put her mind at ease too. I love your business card holder idea too!
  5. I have been saving Altoids tins and now I know what to make with at least one of them. I want this for me. But also this would be great for my husband to keep his business cards in too.
  6. This is a brilliant idea! so cute andd keeps the cards safe.

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