Creative Ways to Reuse Mint Tins

Asking yourself  ‘What can I do with empty mint tins?’  Or ‘Can mint tins be recycled?’ Well, this is the post for you!  As a fellow mint lover, I find myself storing empty mint tins in my junk drawer for future crafts or storage needs.  I decided to share a few creative ways to reuse mint tins and other ways to keep them out of your trash can!

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  Mint tin craft collage and text 'Creative Uses for Empty Mint Tins'

Can mint tins be recycled?

If you are not crafty and have no need of tiny storage containers, recycling old mint tins may be your best choice.  But, CAN YOU recycle them?  Or do the recycle guys just throw them away anyhow? 

What are Altoid tins made of?  Sources I have found say that Altoid tins are made of steel.  Metal Altoid tins ARE recycleable, however, with so many creative uses, you might want to keep reading and not toss them in the recycling can!

Mints and painted tin collage with text 'Mint Tin Upcycling Projects'

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Creative Ways to Reuse Mint Tins

Heading through the grocery checkout line with kids can be challenging−especially with items such as soda, candy, and toys placed at the end of every aisle within easy reach. One thing I always seem to say yes to is a tin of mints.

Everyone loves having fresh breath so keeping a tin of mints tucked into a purse or car can come in handy. At the end of the month, however, several empty mint tins inevitably end up in the recycle bin.

There are several things you can do with these tins than just toss them in the trash or recycle bin.  Here are just a few ideas to help you find a new use for them once the mints are gone (check out my post on ways to reuse tin cans for more ideas)!

DIY Business Card Holder made out of Altoid tins

Mint Tin Business Card Holder:

Those metal mint tins are the perfect size for holding business cards.   Add a bit of pretty ribbon or material to give it a slightly more professional look. 

Just brush on some craft glue and add some material that has been cut to fit.  Trim as desired and let dry.  Then, fill with business cards and tuck in your purse.  Check out my DIY business card holder post for directions.

small first aid kit in small metal tin

Turn it into a first-aid kit

Carrying around a small first aid kit is pretty much a requirement of being a mom.  Never be without the necessities for cleaning up skinned knees again when you have so many old mint tins lying around.  Add some bandages, alcohol wipes, and antibiotic cream and you are all set for the next trip and fall incident! 

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Multi-colored metal boxes. Boxes for little things. Gift boxes

Mint tin earbud storage box

This is a great way to keep everyone’s earbuds from getting tangled together.  If your child or teenager is crafty, hand them an old mint tin and some craft supplies. 

Paint a base coat of white craft primer over it.  Then, they can paint it or decoupage it, depending on their skill level.  Then, they can toss it into their backpack and not worry about the earbuds being lost or broken. 

Organize your junk drawer

Use them to store paper clips, safety pins, rubber bands, etc.  If you like to sew, store buttons in them.  Upcycle mint tins into a place to store your child’s Polly Pocket shoes or other tiny toys. 

I know I’m not the only one who has far too many tiny bits and pieces lying around the house getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner! 

Altoids Tin Tic Tac Toe game

Turn it into a travel game for your kids

With just a tic tac toe template and a few small painted stones or colored gems, make a travel game to store in your car for those unexpected delays during the morning carpool. 

Glue a small round magnet to the base of each piece so that things don’t scatter if you hit a bump! Check out my DIY tic-tac-toe game for full directions and a printable template. 

scissors, thread, variety buttons, multicolored ribbons lying on old wooden table

Make it into a DIY sewing kit

No more wondering how to sew on that button right before the school band concert starts. What do you put in a mini sewing kit?  Buttons, various size needles, a pair of tiny sewing scissors,  and anything else you might need for last-minute sewing emergencies.  

Make it into a tiny art kit. 

Store a few crayons and a piece of scrap paper in it.  Next time you are at grandma’s with a fidgety toddler, take it out and ask them to draw a picture.  Don’t store this in the car in hot climates.  I learned the hard way that crayons melt in cars and result in very big messes! 

From Altoid tin games to tiny containers for spices when you go camping, there are a million creative ways to reuse old mint tins.   Get crafty and try a few upcycling ideas instead of automatically recycling them.





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