Creative Uses for Egg Cartons Once You Eat All the Eggs!

Do you eat a lot of eggs? Are you looking for creative uses for egg cartons around the house? You have come to the right place! I have become quite the queen of upcycling and reusing egg cartons is incredibly helpful in many ways.   I thought I’d share a few ways to upcycle egg cartons and help you reduce your carbon footprint

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Uses for Egg Cartons

10 Uses for Egg Cartons Once You Eat All the Eggs!

Breakfast for dinner is a huge hit in my house (thankfully!) and omelets, quiche, and breakfast casseroles are all quick weeknight meals that everyone enjoys. Of course, that means I am left with an awful lot of egg cartons at the end of the month!

Like these creative uses for egg cartons? Here are more upcycling tips:

As I strive to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible, I came up with a few creative ways to reuse cardboard egg cartons before tossing them into the recycling bin. Here are just a few ways to use egg cartons once you eat up all the eggs! (I am including a few affiliate links for things you might find useful!)

Ways to Use Old Egg Cartons

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It’s a Unique Holiday Storage Idea

When packing away holiday ornaments and other decorations, use an egg carton to help organize and prevent breakage. Small bulbs will fit in each egg holder. You might want to add a rubber band around the outside to help keep the old egg cartons closed better.

Use Egg Cartons as Shipping material

Instead of buying bubble wrap or using packing peanuts, fill the empty space in your shipping box with torn up egg cartons. They are light weight and are a great way to protect breakables during shipping.

Give old egg cartons to chicken owning friends!

One of my favorite uses for egg cartons here in my house is to give them to my local farmer! Owning your own chickens is becoming a popular hobby and people who own chickens have lots of eggs that need holding. Maybe you will luck out and they will share some eggs with you!

seedlings planted in old egg cartons

Use egg cartons for gardening

If you are an avid gardener, there are tons of creative uses for egg cartons in your life. Starting seedlings in an egg carton is a frugal way to start your garden. Add a small amount of potting soil into each cup of your cardboard egg carton. Add one or two seeds (depending on the type of plant you are growing) and water gently. Place the carton in a sunny location to sprout. Make sure you put the egg carton on a non-porous surface to prevent water damage.

Once the weather warms up, cut the individual cups out of the carton and plant them in the garden, cup and all! The egg carton is biodegradable. By planting the entire egg carton cup, you reduce the chance of damaging the plant and give it a bit of added nutrients once the egg carton starts to degrade.

Make a Homemade Bird Feeder:

Remove the flat cover of a cardboard egg carton and use a hole-puncher to make a hole in each corner. Use strings to hang the carton from a tree branch and fill all of the cups with bird seeds. Sit back and enjoy watching the bird’s take full advantage of their new dining table! You will have to place this somewhere that is relatively covered or you will end up with rain water filling your egg carton. Check out these egg carton bird feeders on Pinterest for inspiration.

Upcycle egg cartons to organize your junk drawer:  

One of the best ways to organize a junk drawer is to put egg cartons in it! Use the small egg holding areas to hold things like pins, paper clips, coins, etc. Use the larger, unsegmented area to hold scissors or a few pens and pencils.

using old egg cartons in crafts to fill with paint

Make Egg Carton Art Projects:

This is one of my favorite uses for egg cartons! They are a great addition to the art closet. For a fun craft, cut three to four cups out of the carton leaving them connected together in a strip and grab your child’s paint set. Turn the carton upside down and let your child decorate them as they see fit. Add a pair of googly eyes and a pipe cleaner antenna and you have a cute little caterpillar. The possibilities are endless!

You can also use egg cartons as a great paint holder. Just fill each cup with a different color paint and let your child enjoy a little bit of unstructured artistic fun. Check out these other fun things to do with egg cartons for more craft ideas.

Earthworm farm - African Night Crawler / Using earthworm to produce fertile soil and organic farming

Need creative uses for egg cartons? Feed a worm farm!

If you are a gardener then you understand how vital worms are to a healthy crop. Start a worm farm in your garden and use cardboard egg cartons as worm food or bedding. If the soil mix is too wet, add dry egg carton pieces. If it is too dry, dunk them in water before adding to the soil. Buy a premade worm farm on Amazon and feed kitchen scraps and paper waste to your worms!

Keep your refrigerator cleaner:

An egg carton condiment caddy  is one of my favorite creative uses for egg cartons! Place the bottom portion of your egg carton on the shelf of your refrigerator door. Place condiment containers upside down in the container. This keeps the condiments from spilling all over the door of your fridge if they leak.

Make DIY Fire Starters

Add a little bit of wax and some dryer lint, and you have an easy fire starter  for camping! Check out this other easy fire starter DIY that I made. 

What do you do with your old egg cartons?


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  1. We go through 5-6 dozen eggs every month, so we could essentially have a lot of empty egg cartons. I love the ideas of using them for the kids’ art projects and ornament storage!

  2. I really like the plant holder idea, the box breaks down really nicely into different compartments, and it environmentally safe too! Also, the fire starter idea is definitely one I will be using on my next campout.


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