A Home Preserving Guide for Food Preservation

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Looking for a home preserving guide for food preservation?  You have come to the right place!  Put ’em Up! is a comprehensive home preserving guide for the creative cook. That includes everything from drying and freezing to canning and pickling. Want to preserve food at home? Do it safely with this book!

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Put em up home preserving guide

A Home Preserving Guide for Food Preservation

  • Title: Put ’em Up!
  • Subtitle: A Comprehensive Home Preserving Guide for the Creative Cook, from Drying and Freezing to Canning and Pickling
  • Author: Sherri Brooks Vinton
  • Publisher: Storey Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1603425469
  • Pages: 304 (paperback)
  • Genre: cooking



jars of peach jam

From the back cover:

With Sherri Brooks Vinton’s fun and reassuring approach to preserving food, it’s easier than ever before to store the bright flavors of warm weather fruits and vegetables. Using the variety of kitchen friendly techniques in Put ’em Up, you’ll be enjoying more than 150 flavorful recipes. 

About the Author: 

Sherri Brooks Vinton is the founder of FarmFriendly LLC, an organization that seeks to raise awareness of and support for local agriculture. She is a member of Chefs Collaborative, Women Chefs and Restaurateur, and the Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association. She lives in Connecticut.
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How Easy is Food Preservation for Newbies?

I am terrified of canning for the exact same reason the author discusses in this book. What if I kill someone? According to the author, I shouldn’t worry at all. This home preserving guide goes into extensive detail so that even the novice home cook can preserve food. This really is a comprehensive guide. As a result,  I found some amazing tips and references to equipment that I didn’t even know existed. In addition,  I particularly loved that every technique mentioned had pictures and diagrams to go along with it.

Types of Home Preservation

The first section of this book is all about preservation methods.  It includes everything from pickling, drying, freezing, and canning to making butters, oils, and infusions. Basic step by step descriptions are included, along with diagrams. As a result, I felt that I really understood each technique. In addition, you learn which equipment is necessary and which will just make your life easier. For example, canning funnels and lid lifters were items that I  have never seen before but I can certainly see how they could come in handy.

Home Preserving Guide Recipes

The rest of this home preserving guide is all about the recipes. It is arranged alphabetically by type of food for ease of use. If you have 15 pounds of tomatoes that you just picked or you found a great deal on apples at the farmers market, just flip to that food and you will have suggestions for drying, canning, freezing, etc. This layout makes the book very easy to use.

A few more preservation Recipes and Tips


Additionally, there is a great selection of resources at the end including one for Local Harvest and tons of farmer’s market resources to help you find seasonal produce to use in these recipes.
I really enjoyed reading this book and will start looking for some good canning supplies.  Come spring  will try my hand at making some homemade jam. I understand the techniques after reading this book, however,  I just need the courage to try it for myself. This comprehensive home preserving guide is a must have for anyone interested in food preservation for long term storage.  


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