How to Binge Watch TV Series and Save Money!

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Most of us have a habit or guilty pleasure that costs us money. Whether it’s your morning cup of expensive coffee from your local coffee shop or a Saturday afternoon binge watching television, very few things in life are free. But how much is your habit actually costing you in terms of your monthly budget? And how big of an impact does that guilty pleasure have on the environment? You don’t have to give up your pre-bed ice cream habit or binge watching Game of Thrones but maybe you could find ways to lessen the cost and environmental impact of your daily habit.

How to Binge Watch TV Series and Save Money!

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Binge watching favorite tv shows is actually a relatively inexpensive habit but there are things you can do to make it even cheaper. According to Constellation Energy, here is how to binge watch TV series and save money on your electric bill at the same time:

  • Make sure your TV is an ENERGY STAR-certified television set. That means it meets certain federal energy guidelines regarding energy usage. Energy Star certified TVs are the most energy efficient and the least expensive to binge watch your favorite TV shows on.
  • Size really does matter. LCD TVs are the most energy-efficient appliances for models under 50 inches. If you want a TV larger than that, look for a DLP TV with an LED light source. LCD TVs have screens like those used for computer monitors while DLP TVs are rear-projection.

How to Binge Watch TV Series and Save Money

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Once you figure out how to binge watch tv series for less money, think about all the other ‘screen time’ devices that your family uses. How much does it cost for your child to play his favorite video game on his gaming system? Did you know that certain gaming systems are more energy efficient than others? According to Constellation Energy,  Nintendo Wii and Wii U are the most energy-efficient appliances among gaming consoles, while PS4 and XBox top the most energy-demanding appliances for gaming. Keep this in mind when shopping for your child’s next gaming system!

Screens aren’t just used for playing around and  your laptop may be an essential part of your work environment. How much money is it costing you? Make sure that your laptop is set to go to sleep or standby automatically when you’re not using it. Every little bit of financial savings helps and it can also extend the life of your computer.

Cutting the cost of home energy usage is a great way to save money. You can visit Constellation Energy to learn more about the cost of  your daily activities on your monthly electrical budget. So, how much money are you wasting on your TV binge-watching habit? Take the quiz below to find out!



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  1. Soooo… I never really thought about this! I am a HUGE binge watcher, well, when I can get the girls busy with something and luckily we have an ENERGY STAR TV! Thanks for sharing this info!


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